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Celebrity Homes That Will Blow You Away and Will Keep Amazing You!

The life of a celebrity is always a charmed one, and these stars are truly fitting the mould with their luxurious houses and palatial residences. Costing in the high millions, these huge homes come with gargantuan home maintenance costs as well, which most average people can’t afford, not even in their wildest dreams. Thankfully, these stars are not at all average and have the requisite net worth to cover monthly premiums that would make our jaws drop. To their credit, they’ve worked hard for such creature comforts, and we admire them for the well-deserved lifestyles that they live.

Vince Vaughn – Southern California, ~$5.299 million

Character actor and comedian Vince Vaughn is definitely one guy who we would expect to be living in great style, and he doesn’t disappoint with his gorgeous Southern California property worth $3.9 million when he acquired it. With a floor space of 5,500 square feet, the value has since ballooned to $5.3 million, which means he will definitely be trading up should he choose to sell.

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