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Celebs And Their Weight Loss Transformations

Wait For The Moment You Will See Gabourey Sidibe Transformation. It Will Surprise You

Millions of people strive to conform to popular definitions of beauty. And a special group of people we all know, Hollywood superstars, go a little bit further in their endeavors to look appealing and healthy. Famous actors, singers, comedians, and TV personalities undergo plastic surgeries and various cosmetic procedures to look their. While a lot of these celebrities indeed transformed themselves with a little help from fitness trainers and doctors, some celebs have undergone tummy tuck and lap band surgeries to look fit. Yes, for some the weight loss was long overdue as they were plagued by a plethora of health issues such as diabetes, morbid obesity, hypertension, depression and more! Find out who made our list…

Whoopi Goldberg: Lost ~ 30 pounds

Whoopi Goldberg was famously a Slim-Fast endorser in the early 2000s for which she was paid handsomely with every pound she lost. However, she soon lost her spokeswoman status when the company dropped her after making lewd remarks about former president George Bush. Whoopi had since moved on, even losing a whopping 30 pounds in 2014 by adopting the Pound a Day Diet by Rocco DiSpirito. This was after her weight climbed to 215 pounds and she realized that she had to take control of her health.

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