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The Proof That Glam Has No Age – Flawlessly Aged Superstars

We have been introduced to numerous beautiful faces in the Hollywood industry for so many decades now. A lot of these women have achieved such a high level of fame and aside from their talents, they have been blessed with timeless beauty. The effects of time have been very good to such women as well, but proper eating habits and a consistent workout routine were probably also a huge help in slowing down the aging process. Let’s take a look at some of the most gorgeous faces in show business and see how their beauty has evolved over the years.

Brooke Shields – 53

Brooke Shields was only twelve years old when she caught people’s attention through her performance in the movie, Pretty Baby. By the 1980s, she became an even more popular star, thanks to her starring roles on Endless Love and The Blue Lagoon. Looking at Shields now, you can clearly tell that she took great care of her health and fitness all these years because she looks youthful and glowing at her age of 53. In more recent years, Shields has been doing voice work for shows like Creative Galaxy and Mr. Pickles. She has an upcoming acting project titled, My Boyfriend’s Meds.

Priscilla Presley – 73

Most of you know Priscilla Presley for being the woman who was once married to Elvis Presley. Priscilla married Elvis back in 1967 but they got a divorce after six years of marriage. Priscilla is an actress and some of her most popular roles were on Dallas and Naked Gun. These days, working as a producer is what has been keeping Priscilla busy. She serves as the executive producer for two upcoming projects titled The Legacy of Gaston Leroux: The Man Behind the Mask and SungBong Choi, the Boy with No Name.

Lynda Carter – 67

We bet some of you did not expect that Lynda Carter is 67 years old already. She still exhibits a youthful glow and we’re sure this is because she really takes care of her skin. Her choice in clothes might also be something that contributes to making her look younger. Carter is best known for starring in the original Wonder Woman series back in the 1970s. Prior to acting, Carter was a beauty queen who was named Miss World America in 1972. In 2018, Carter appeared in the movie Super Troopers 2 and she also has a recurring role on Supergirl.

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