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You Won’t Believe What These Child Stars are Up to Now

Child stars bring so much joy to audiences on big and small screens and even on stage, which is why the truly talented ones end up with large bank accounts at such an early age. However, this much fame and success for youngsters often has its own set of pitfalls, which is why a lot of child actors succumb to problems like substance addiction and alcoholism, often showing signs of depression.

Lindsay Lohan – Parent Trap

Lindsay Lohan is a true cautionary tale when it comes to child actors. She started acting in the movie Parent Trap and continued being a bankable actress well into her teens, starring in films like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, to name a few. However, things took a turn for the worse when she became an adult and adopted a party lifestyle ringed with substance abuse. After several stints in rehab and numerous compromising tabloid reports, her career is all about over. However, she claims that she prefers life away from the limelight.

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