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Everything About Blackheads — This Could Be the Most Effective Way to Remove Them

At first glance, blackheads look like tiny moles but these are actually another form of acne. Unfortunately, they are far more irritating than a beauty mark since they are a deep-rooted skin problem, which means they are harder to extract.

Because they are embedded well into the pores, they can be hard to pluck effectively. If you are suffering from this pesky skin issue, fret not – it’s very common and can easily be taken care of.

What Are Blackheads?

Contrary to popular misconception, the dark appearance of blackheads is not because of dirt buildup. It happens when the icky combination of dead skin cells and oil clog the pores.

Nau Nau/Shutterstock Blackheads usually appear in the nose, chin, and forehead

When the blackheads gets exposed to air, it oxidizes and becomes black, hence the name. They usually pop out in areas in the face that produce more oil, specifically the T-zone, or the nose, forehead, and chin. Sometimes, you may also notice them appearing on the ear bowls, back, chest, and shoulders.

Causes of Blackheads

Unfortunately, genetics has a big role in why some people have blackheads. However, dermatologist Joshua Zeichner said that there are external factors that can be controlled, including stress and diet. Some foods like milk and sugar can stimulate inflammation and oil production.

Don’ts of Blackheads Removal

Even celebrities get blackheads but because they have regular appointments to costly dermatological services, their pores are constantly cleaned by experts. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for us average people.

TORWAISTUDIO/Shutterstock Squeezing your blackheads are a big no-no

One of the biggest no-nos is squeezing your pores, hoping that blackheads will come out. It may feel satisfying – like what you experience when you pop a pimple – but it can only worsen the situation.

Dermatologists warned that doing this can traumatize your skin, thereby bringing bacteria in and damaging the pores. Persistent plucking can also lead to irritation, infection, or scarring.

Do’s of Blackheads Removal

The best time to remove blackheads at home is after a warm bath/shower. Your pores are open and the dead cells have softened. Don’t forget to cleanse the area before and after extracting to avoid irritation and infection.

Todja/Shutterstock Pore strips and masks should not be painful

You may have seen a tool with a small loop on one end, which is called a comedone extractor. Depending on the pressure you exert, you can bring a blackhead to the surface without damaging pore walls.

Apart from manual extraction, the most commom way is the use of pore strips. Although frequent users of this product have gotten used to the pain when removing the dry mask from the skin, the process shouldn’t be eye-watering, experts explained.

Dermatologists also pointed out that pore strips only temporarily remove blackheads plus the dead skin layer but it’s not useful for prevention. Moreover, they advised not to leave it too long to dry or they can traumatize the skin upon peeling.

Scrubs and retinoid products are also effective in addressing blackheads but they can’t fully prevent them.

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