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Forget Expensive Skincare Treatments, the Magic Ingredient for Glowing Skin Is Already in Your Pantry

Isn’t everyone after that glowy skin you get after an expensive facial? There are these memes hyping the narrative that the real glow-up needs money, but we beg to differ. Haven’t these meme-lords heard of DIY? And when it comes to skincare, you can never go wrong with turmeric.

For the longest time ever, this plant has been described as a superfood. Turmeric is great for your overall health, and it has also been known to do wonders for your skin. For starters, it is a powerful antioxidant, working to remove oxidizing agents that could potentially harm that beautiful skin of yours.

When it comes to skincare, you can never go wrong with turmeric

The Product You’ve Been Looking For

It does us one better by also being anti-inflammatory; this means no more acne, scarring, or dull skin. It sounds just like the product you’ve been looking for, doesn’t it?

Dr. Nadia Musavvir is as pro-turmeric as a medic can be, and being a naturopathic professional, she definitely knows what she is talking about. On a personal level, she terms turmeric as one of her most favorite ingredients in beauty, especially because it works the same when either ingested or applied on the skin.

She has first-hand experience with the plant, saying that she has seen it reduce wrinkles, lighten any dark spots on the skin, and generally improve the skin tone. You’re already on board with turmeric, aren’t you?

If yes, you’re in luck since there’s a simple DIY face mask recipe that’ll give your skin the rejuvenation it needs. Once you’ve whipped it up, be certain that your skin will thank you for it, and that facial glow that has evaded you for years will be your new normal.

Glowing skin will become your new normal

So, what exactly are the ingredients for this face mask? Of course, turmeric has to lead the pack, with the exact amount being 1 teaspoon of the plant’s root powder. Next, you’ll need 2 tablespoons of ground oats, along with 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt (organic), and 3 drops of raw honey. Fortunately, all of these are easy to come by.

The First Step to Better Skin

Once you have added all these into a bowl, mix them up till the paste becomes really smooth. On an already clean and dry face, spread this mixture evenly, then allow it to work its magic for 15 minutes. Once these are up, rinse your face thoroughly, and say hello to the new you. Obviously, the changes won’t be instant, but you’ll at least have taken the first step to having better skin.

While all this may seem nice and easy, there’s some degree of risk involved. Calm down though, it isn’t that much of a big deal. Due to its natural color, yellow, if you didn’t know, turmeric can easily stain your skin. It can get considerably worse if you use a non-organic variant since these ones have extra colorants to maintain the plant’s natural color.

Turmeric is naturally yellow in color

Luckily for you, the stain won’t stay on your face for life. In fact, there’s actually a relatively simple way of getting rid of such unwanted blemishes. According to Bazaar, coconut oil should be your go-to remedy, and if you can’t get your hands on the oil itself, there are wet wipes laced in the oil available in the market for only $20.

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