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These Mistakes Will Make You Look Old Overnight

While the process of aging is something that we can’t run away from, it is safe to say that most people would prefer to age gracefully. You probably think that protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, getting a good night’s sleep, and pampering yourself with anti-aging creams will help you in your healthy aging endeavors. However, what if we told you that the anti-aging products you use before sleep can actually damage your skin and over-all health in the long run? Dr. Purvisha Patel, a board-certified dermatologist has shared some everyday habits that are damaging our skin. These easy tips are something that you can follow and incorporate easily into your lifestyle.

Sleeping on the face

“Gravity wins when we sleep on our faces,” says Dr. Patel. If you ever slept on your face, you probably woke up surprised to have your face looking swollen as if you didn’t sleep at all. That’s because the gravity pulls fluids into our face when we sleep on it. This makes our face appear swollen and puffy. If you continue to sleep on your face, that will promote its full sagging and the loss of collagen. That will make you appear up to 5 years older than you actually are. Dr. Patel advises people to stop sleeping in a face downward position that speeds up the aging process. Instead of sleeping in this unusual fashion, consider sleeping on your back.

Not washing the face

It’s not an uncommon thing for women and for some men to forget to take off their makeup before hitting the sack, but it’s certainly something that you shouldn’t miss out. Failing to remove makeup before bed almost always results in looking older in the morning.

If you really don’t want to appear older in the morning, you should always wash your face before drifting off to dreamland. It is essential to remove dirt, makeup, and sweat during the night in order to maintain a youthful face. “If you work out and sweat, or have makeup on, the pores get clogged, making breakouts happen,” claims Dr. Patel. She adds, “If you have oily skin, the face will appear greasier and oily.” The best way to unclog pores in your skin is to buy an exfoliating cleanser which is not too harsh on the epidermis.

Using too many skin-care products

People who use a bunch of different skin-care products aren’t aware of the damage they do to their skin. Making use of too many products on your skin such as creams, scrubs, and masks can deteriorate the health of your largest organ. Dr. Patel says that products that contain retinol are used to prevent wrinkles, and when mixed with products like benzoyl peroxide to fight acne, it can make your skin dry, and thus, increase skin irritation. When the skin gets irritated and dry, it appears scaly, inflamed, and dry which causes any hidden fine lines and wrinkles to become more prominent. Instead, stick only to four to five skin-care products from tried and trusted manufacturers.

Not drinking enough water

Hydration is essential for both the youthfulness on the inside and the youthfulness on the outside, as Dr. Patel says, “Water is an important component of the skin and the structures beneath the skin.” When we don’t drink water in the amounts supposed to consume, we get into the state of dehydration. Getting dehydrated wreaks havoc on the whole body, including the skin. The skin loses its natural turgor and bounce when we are lacking water in the body. When our body is devoid of fluid, our skin starts to suffer and appears dry and wrinkly. It also gets sunk in the area around the eyes when you are acutely dehydrated. However, chronic lack of water almost always leads to skin losing its elasticity. It is of vital importance to drink at least six glasses of water every day to prevent dehydration and its effects on the skin and body.

Now that we know what makes us look older, we can start doing all the right things. You should choose a skin care regimen that suits you and you skin the best, don’t just follow the latest fad gripping social media. Happy ageing to us all!

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