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Natural Remedies for Pesky Acne

Waking up to a new zit is a nightmare, all we want is for it to end. Just because we dread break outs, means that we are only concerned with our physical appearance. Not only is it ugly to look at but it’s also painful and super annoying.

Breaking out is our skin’s way of telling us about the dirt and impurities that we need to address to. It can also mean that we might have hormonal problems and acne are the ugly effects of it. No matter what the cause is, acne will always be an unpleasant visitor in our faces and sometimes, body too.

So what can we do to help heal acne and acne marks that doesn’t require a trip to the dermatologist? Here are some quick remedies that are safe and can be found in the comforts of our own homes.

Apple cider vinegar

Dilute Apple cider vinegar with distilled water to make a toner

Apple cider vinegar is the jack-of-all trade ingredient that we should always have in our kitchen cabinets. It has many benefits in our health and these benefits has been backed by science and the people who use it.

For an acne-related problem, Apple cider vinegar can be a good alternative to replace chemical-filled toner. But keep in mind that the concentrate shouldn’t be used in our faces directly. Dilute the Apple cider with distilled water in a 1:2 ratio, and viola, an organic toner that doesn’t cost much. Some people customize their toners by adding some essential oil or witch hazel.

Egg whites

Nothing beats waking up to a freshly cooked eggs in the morning. It’s delicious, healthy, and an easy way to make breakfast. But aside from being delicious, eggs can also be a very good DIY vanity starter kit.

Egg whites are perfect for an instant mask that doesn’t require any other ingredients. Just make us of the leftover from the shell and apply directly on the face. Notice how the skin tightens as the egg white dries off. Rinse with water and apply moisturizer for an added “umph”. Egg whites can make the pores smaller and it can even improve your skin tone. So the next time a scrambled egg is being cooked, make sure to put a mask before throwing the shells out.

Cinnamon and honey

Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon with three tablespoon of honey to make a mask

These two seems like a pungent and disgusting combination but give it a try and our skin will thank us for it.

Before we begin this DIY mask, a quick fun fact about honey. It’s one of the foods that never expires so storing some is never a bad idea. It can complement the cinnamon’s grainy texture, toning it to make it tolerable to the skin.

Cinnamon is good for our skin because it has antimicrobial properties that will help stop the bacteria from damaging our skin. Honey on the other hand is an anti-biotic that will help wipe out all the bacteria and impurities.

Aloe Vera

That gooey and slimy texture is one of the cheapest and healthiest alternative to a moisturizer. Aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory that helps soothe the affected skin. It can also reduce the swelling and redness of a newly born acne.

Planting aloe vera in the backyard is the best thing to do for those people who want to experience the long-term benefits of it. Apart from its uses on skin, aloe vera can also be applied raw in the hair to help fight hair loss and dandruff.


Use cotton in applying freshly-squeezed lemon juice in the face

A freshly squeezed lemon will not only help our metabolism wake up, but it can also be a good alternative to Vit. C serums.

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and is therefore good for any skin type. The citric acid that is present in lemon exfoliate the skin and therefore can reduce acne marks. It can also help whiten the skin naturally and gets rid of blemishes. Just make sure not to overuse lemon juice as it can make the skin sensitive, especially when we go out on a very sunny day.

Though these natural remedies are proven to help fight acne and acne marks, these shouldn’t be treated as the primary solution to it. For people with cystic acne, it’s better to consult with a professional to arrive at a more suited cure.


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