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The Power of Makeup: Lady Gaga Reveals How This One Habit Changed Her Life

When Lady Gaga launched her beauty line, Haus Laboratories, the award-winning singer and actress took to social media to reveal some skeletons in her closet.

As she shared with millions of her followers, she didn’t feel beautiful or confident growing up. A young Stefani Germanotta (Gaga’s official name) struggled with her self-esteem, but that was until she discovered makeup, and with it came the Lady Gaga we know now.

Makeup gave us the Lady Gaga we know

Before this big reveal, would you have thought of Gaga as being shy? Whenever she is out and about, she is easily the most confident person in the room. Looking at her music videos, she is clearly the matriarch, no wonder most people were surprised by her revelation.

Those Tough Days

And just so you know, that shy Stefani Germanotta didn’t just vanish into thin air. In a recent interview earlier this month, Lady Gaga admitted that she still has those days when she doesn’t think she’s beautiful.

It eats her up inside, but she doesn’t want anyone losing sleep over it, least of all herself. As she told Allure, it’s human nature to have insecurities, and everything she endured as a child occasionally comes back to haunt her.

So, how does she deal with this? She has that one solution that has never failed her – makeup. As soon as she’s done putting it on, there’s this superhero within her that gets awakened, and all her insecurities fly away.

Love for makeup inspired Haus Laboratories

To Lady Gaga, there’s an unquestionable power in having makeup on. You’d believe in it too if it cheered you up when you are feeling down, wouldn’t you? And you probably already do.

It was actually Gaga’s love for makeup that led to the creation of Haus Laboratories. Among the products, the line has to offer include lip liners, lip gloss, and shadow sticks. Complete makeup kits are also available, and you can order these and many more of her products on Amazon.

Remember that Allure interview? Lady Gaga was having that sit down because she is to grace the cover of the magazine’s special October issue. Needless to say, the interview was accompanied by a photo shoot, and of course, these stars need the touch of a makeup artist before facing the camera, don’t they?

Sarah Tanno

Sarah Tanno happens takes care of Lady Gaga in this aspect, and the two have a beautiful relationship. This is especially true because Tanno understands her client’s insecurities, and how they may interfere with her work.

Tanno understands her client’s insecurities

As the singer revealed, her childhood memories sometimes hit hard when the makeup artist is at work, and since she can hardly hold back her tears, she ends up ruining everything.

Instead of being mad, however, Sarah Tanno picks her up, sits her somewhere comfortable and dry her tears, telling her that everything will be okay. You’d love such a friend, wouldn’t you? Of course, Gaga tries to apologize, but Tanno is so understanding that she never wants her saying sorry.

Isn’t the singer’s story encouraging? It serves as a wake-up call to all those doubting themselves, thinking that they could never make something great of themselves. If a shy little girl conquered her demons to rise to the top, why can’t you?

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