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Are Abs Made in the Gym or the Kitchen? Here’s Our Final Word on the Debate

New Year’s Eve is far behind us, which only means one thing – you are ready to get in shape. One of your main goals is to shed off the fat in and around your tummy or to finally tone your abdominal muscles.

And to achieve your abs-toning goal for this year, you have just found the best exercise plan online which you plan to follow every day because that’s the best way to get the desired six-pack, right?

Working Hard = Hardly Working?

Not quite as you imagined. When you do the same exhausting exercises every single day, you are causing more harm than good to your body. Astrid Swan, a certified fitness trainer, says that every time people do exercises, they cause micro-tears in their muscles that take time to heal. “Our muscles need time to heal, and as they heal, they grow and we can see the results,” claims Swan.

By doing the same exercises every day or every other day, and working on the same body part, people won’t see any results and get fit. Moreover, when you stick to that same fitness plan and follow it every day, you will cause an overuse injury in your muscles and you will be prone to plateau as well. Moreover, your abdominal muscles are just like any other muscle found in your body, so giving them some time to heal and grow as a result of that is crucial.  Swan adds, “When I do abdominal exercises, I like to experiment, and then I give my abs some time to recover.”

Get to the core

One of the most things to do to get a flat tummy with prominent abs is core exercises. These exercises are an essential part of the flat stomach and abs equation. Every man and woman who is working on their abdominals should exercise their core not only for the sake of abs, but also to improve their posture and balance.

Core exercises are also recommended to people who have problems with back pain. But like most things in the world of fitness, too much of anything can bring harm. All the benefits of exercising your core muscles can revert, back to its original form, if overused, with muscle imbalance and posture problems being the most significant.

Eat right to sculpt your abs

Core training and doing a variety of ab exercises aren’t the two sole precursors to chiseled abdominals. The missing part of the puzzle is a proper diet. According to Swan, picture-worthy abs are made in your kitchen and not in the gym. That’s why it’s important to learn what foods can help you build that toned six-pack.

So, what are the foods that one should be eating to develop abdominals worth sharing on social media?

Well, there are a plenty of “ab-friendly” foods that will help you pave your way toward a chiseled six-pack. Some of the foods to include in your diet while trying to achieve a flat tummy and hot abs include eggs, bananas, green tea, whole wheat pasta, lean poultry, legumes, whole wheat bread, quinoa, black beans, cherries, and chocolate milk.

The most important food of them all, however, is lean poultry. This food is loaded with proteins and other nutrients that will help you build your whole musculoskeletal system. Consider combining lean poultry meat with low-fat dairy products, vegetables, and lots of fruits, as that will help you get the desired results in no time.

Supplements, vitamins, and devices that promise to help people get a six-pack should be avoided because they are just a scam. The only thing that will allow you get chiseled abdominal muscles is you.

So what’s the best way to see the results and show the world what you have? Fitness trainers from world over suggest balancing healthy foods with a strength training and cardio exercises.

It is recommend that you work out hard five times a week, taking a day between for a lighter workout and a full day of rest. You should work out hard and then let the body recover. You will see results faster and be happier with your efforts from working out!

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