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Diet Soda Is Just as Bad as Regular Soda for Your Heart Health- Here’s Why

Your heart is the most important organ in your body. Even Kindergarten students are aware of this fact, but it’s a surprise that few people take care of their heart health, regardless of this crucial information. Throwing caution to the wind, all people pay attention to is the wants of their tastebuds, causing their health to deteriorate rapidly as they age.

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Recently, studies have concluded that people should avoid consuming artificially sweetened beverages if they want to retain a healthy heart. Dr. Guy L. Mintz told Healthline that the belief of artificial sweeteners being a safe sugar substitute is a hoax and claims studies have proven that people with larger consumption of artificially sweetened or sugary drinks have increased chances of experiencing a cardiovascular event. This also demonstrates that artificially sweetened drinks are not healthy and are known to cause diabetes, insulin resistance, and weight gain.

A study conducted in France also discovered that people who regularly consume sweetened beverages or artificially sweetened beverages often had increased chances of suffering from heart-related diseases or strokes compared to people who try to avoid such drinks.

The Use of Artificial Sugar Associated with Heart Diseases

Excessive consumption of ASB (artificially sweetened beverages) or sugary drinks was linked with a higher chance of cardiovascular disease, proposing that ASB cannot be considered a healthy replacement for sugary drinks.

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Artificial Sweetener No Better Than Sugar

Researchers unsurprisingly found a connection between cardiovascular illness and sugar-loaded drinks. It was also discovered that people who intake the diet version of drinks that contain artificial sweeteners such as stevia, aspartame, or sucralose had to face nearly the same health risks as the subjects who reported to have only consumed sweetened beverages.

American Beverage Association Weighs In

Healthline contacted American Beverages Association for their two-cents on the matter, successfully eliciting a response from the senior director, Danielle Smotkin, who claimed that sweeteners with low and no-calories are considered safe by regulative bodies all over the world.

She also added that studies by considerable research bodies, including the World Health Organization, proved that sweeteners have actually turned out to be a helpful tool for people in lessening their consumption of sugar and managing their weight.

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The Main Point

Experts believe that a heart-healthy diet has no place for artificially sweetened beverages and that your go-to beverage should always be water as it is the healthiest drink you can possibly find.

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