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Six “Healthy” Tips That Are Sabotaging Your Fitness Progress

Are you a beginner in the world of fitness? Are you going for the first time to the gym in the next few hours or maybe tomorrow? If so, you have probably read several tips on the Internet. You could have read “how to get fit fast,” or “how to lose fat in the gym,” and the very enticing “get muscle mass fast.”

However, did you know that most of those tips won’t actually help you because they are based on fitness myths that can do you more harm than good? In this article, we summarize some of the most widespread fitness misconceptions and faulty tips. These are the fitness pieces of advice that you should leave on the treadmill:

Reducing Fat from One Area

The idea that you can attack fat from a specific part of the body, such as buttocks or stomach, is one of the craziest myths about fitness out there. This has become so widespread that some fitness apps actually contain fat-burning exercises that target body parts that are notorious for being deposits of fatty cells.

What’s even worse is that people perform those exercises day by day but are surprised when they lose excess fat in another area of the body. Now look, there’s no way to dictate your body to specifically get rid of the stubborn belly fat or love handles. When you exercise, your overall body fat reduces in all parts of the body. Just forget about this old wives’ tale for the sake of your fitness motivation.

Weight machine equals Muscle Gain

One of the first things that fitness novices, especially men, do during their first week at the gym is that they immediately hit the weight machines. They just think the whole concept of getting fit is performing exercises on such contraptions. However, fitness should be a combination of various exercises and training.

And yes, there is no muscle mass gain if you don’t learn how to use the weight machines properly and if you don’t learn the correct movements as well.

Bulked-up Women

There are women out there who hit the gym with only one thing in mind: getting bulked up. However, such hasty women should realize that only a few women can achieve something like that. It takes years of training hard and taking supplements for women to achieve 15-inch guns for arms.

Now, we aren’t telling you that weight training for women has no results. It indeed shows results in the form of developing muscle mass, but such muscles definitely won’t be like Hulk Hogan’s. That’s because women don’t have enough testosterone to build a hefty muscle mass.

Doing a Static Stretch Before Working Out

It breaks our heart every time we see people static stretching before exercising. A belief that a good stretch-out before training will reduce muscle strain and injuries is deeply rooted in our minds. However, we should all be aware of the fact that static stretches are reserved for after-workout cool-down.

The best “stretches” to do before training are dynamic exercises such as leg swings and arm circles. Such exercises will warm your muscles up and prevent injury.

Fitness Is Just Gym Exercises

There are a plethora of fitness aficionados who are brave enough to claim that activities such as a casual bike ride, playing football with the kids, and dancing aren’t forms of working out. However, such people should realize that fitness isn’t just the exercises in the gym. Anything that gets your whole body moving is a workout.

Eating Whatever You Want

Exercising will provide you with loads of health benefits such as boosting your metabolism, building the muscles, improving circulation, strengthening the bones, and other things. Sadly enough, regularly working out isn’t a magic spell that will allow you to eat whatever you want. The key to staying fit and slim is eating healthy.

Converting Fat to Muscle Through Weight Training

Oh, how would we love for this to be true, but it sadly isn’t. However, there are thousands of people who still think weightlifting converts fat to muscles. Such people don’t realize that something like that is physically impossible. You should know that strength training helps you build muscle mass because you put the strain on your muscles by doing it.

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