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You’ll be Surprised How Effective Kettlebell Workouts Are for Your Overall Fitness

According to a recent Self magazine poll, some of the latest fitness trends include classes designed to tone the body using the different props and equipment, so participants never burn out a single muscle group. In Los Angeles, a 1,000-Calorie Ride at the CycleHouseLA encourages four-digit calorie-burning. In New York, Zumba is the hot dance workout routine that can burn 400 calories an hour. Also in In New York, spin classes take on a more club-like vibe as enthusiasts enjoy pumped levels of music to accompany their cycling strategy—extra fast pacing and push-ups off the handlebars to the beat of the bass, almost like “dancing on a bike.” In Miami, Florida, the Pound is where you get to pound weighted drumsticks on the floor and in the air for 45 minutes while holding crunches, squats, and lunges.

The better option

Here is the thing—health and fitness enthusiasts do not always need to go to a class at a gym, which is why workouts that you can do in the comfort of your homes, is a godsend. This is why more people today are seeking newer and more effective forms of exercise. Kettlebell exercises are one of the latest trends in fitness, and it can actually help you to lose weight. Kettlebell workouts are great calorie burners because they combine cardio and strength training. Moreover, research has found that using kettlebells as an exercise routine significantly helps reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain because essentially, you are strengthening the upper body muscles as well as the core.

A kettlebell can assist in weight loss. One fat burning exercise is known as the kettlebell swing, which provides a high rate of calorie burning because it involves nearly every muscle in your body. Simply stand with your feet about six inches wider than your shoulder-width and with toes pointed slightly outward. Bend your knees with your arms straightened in front of you while holding the kettlebell. Next, pop your hips forward and explode upward, swinging the kettlebell up in front of you until it is level with your eye. Drop it down, and then repeat.

The American Council on Exercise determined that the calorie burn per minute was very high, so you don’t have to do 15 minutes of cardio and a boring 45-minute weight training session. Kettlebell exercises have a reputation for providing faster fat loss results than conventional barbell or resistance weight workouts, so basically all you need is to do about 25 minutes of kettlebell exercises, and that’s it.

Why choose kettlebell workouts

As we have already mentioned, kettlebells are unique in that they combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise. What this means is that they combine cardio and strength training into one workout. Winging a kettlebell up and across the body will create momentum so that all your muscles must react in order to counteract. This in itself will amp up your heart rate, which is good for fat-melting. Kettlebell exercises rev up your metabolism, strengthen bones, increase energy, and boost your mood.  

Additionally, there are a number of kettlebell exercises that can help sculpt your arms, flatten your belly, and firm up your behind. All in all, you might be able to drop five pounds and inches from thighs and hips doing the exercises just three times a week. If you are consistently doing a series of kettlebell exercises, focus on explosive movements within fundamental patterns of pushing, pulling, as well as rotation, and counter-rotation moves with squats. There are many different variations of the basic patterns.

There are plenty of benefits to doing kettlebell exercises including the fact that a kettlebell saves you time as there are less resting time and more time spent doing the exercises. Most workouts last for just about 30 minutes maximum but most trainers believe that they are twice or three times more intense than resistance weight exercises. Kettlebells help you gain strength while losing weight.

Indeed, if you are looking for an all-in-one workout that is affordable, convenient, and effective, you need not look any further than kettlebells. With just a few minutes each day, you will find yourself achieving a trimmer physique in no time, and enjoy amazing health benefits that make you feel good all day and everyday!

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