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Proven Ways to Burn More Calories During Your Workout

As we are becoming busier and more oriented toward work than staying in shape, it can be really hard to achieve our fitness goals. To fight this lack of time to sweat it out, it is of essential importance that we make every second of our workout count. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best tips that will help you get you the most out of your workout routine and help you burn more calories and that stubborn fat.

Intensify your Cardio

Steady cardio is a great way to burn fat and stay fit, but cranking up the intensity of such workouts with intervals will burn twice as many calories. Many web-resources say that training in intervals helps people keep their metabolic rate higher for an hour or more after rigorous cardio, than the regular cardio. So, if you intensify your training with intervals, you will burn even more calories while resting from the exercise.

Put some muscle to it

There’s no need for you to be terrified of weight machines. Undergoing a full-body weight training can supercharge your ability to burn those notorious calories faster. By adding muscle mass to your body, you will reach a metabolic state in which you will burn calories even at rest. That happens because developed muscles utilize more calories than fat ever does. So, consider choosing a weightlifting machine that exercises the whole body, and diligently work out on it at least once a week.

Make it a circuit

When gym aficionados hit the weight room, they should turn their workout in a circuit. Instead of just performing two to three sets of one exercise before moving on, you should complete only one set and then quickly do another type of exercise and repeat that in a circuit three times. Scientists have found out that working out this way burns more calories.

Load up that playlist

Do you start to feel fatigued while working out? If so, you are probably aware of how it can mar your fitness routine. However, there’s an excellent and proven way to confront the feelings of tiredness while exercising, and that’s loading up your playlist with upbeat music.

One study has shown that performing exercises to up-tempo music can prolong work out endurance by 20%. Listening to the latest tunes or old melodies from your favourite artists while you sweat it out, doesn’t that sound like a swell idea!

Turn up the resistance

You’ve probably experienced days when you have arrived at the gym fatigued and cranky, and were in no mood to turn down the resistance on the treadmill or the exercise bike. If you were exercising on such machines on the lowest setting or level, you didn’t do yourself any favor at all. Turning up the resistance on the gym machines will help you burn calories faster and it will also increase your basic metabolic rate which reflects the number of calories burnt at rest.

Head Outdoors

You’ve probably heard about or read how exercising in the fresh air is good for the health, but there’s much more to it than just a nice breeze and improved cardiovascular health. Taking your training into nature can give you a great boost in the effectiveness of your exercise that will help you burn more calories. A change in scenery from your gym to the lush greens would probably do you good too.

Find a Gym Buddy

Working out with a close friend or finding a gym buddy to exercise within the gym can boost your motivation to turn up the intensity of your training which will help you burn more calories. Your innate competitive nature will also come out to play if you start visiting the gym with a friend. You will want to perform exercises better than them, leading you to intensify your workout and calorie-blasting endeavors.

Don’t skip your meals

Did you know that skipping breakfast can slow your metabolism down? You should never skip any meal of the day if you want to burn calories fast. Skipping meals could lead to hunger pangs, which end with binge eating. Also, it’s better to eat six small meals a day than three big meals because it boosts post-meal metabolic rate.

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