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Is It Safe to Exercise After Giving Birth? Here’s What This Celebrity Trainer Has to Say

For new moms, activities such as exercising tend to be overlooked for other more important things such as changing diapers, feeding the newborn, spending lots of time with them, and catching a wink of sleep whenever they can.

However, for mothers who are particularly keen on their fitness, the workout routine is always at the back of their minds. Transitioning from pregnancy to postpartum fitness is a process, and Women’s Health insists that all women should be patient with themselves.

Activities such as feeding the baby are given more priority

Admitting that it’ll take time for your body to regain its pre-pregnancy fitness, the media outlet says, is the first step to getting there. Simone De La Rue, a celebrity trainer whose clients include the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Garner, both of whom are moms, agrees with the website.

Simone is also a mom herself, and she reveals that she stuck to a fitness routine until her delivery. However, getting back to exercising proved a little bit tougher than anticipated. Having delivered via C-section, she was wary of exerting her body before it was fully healed up.

She finally got the hang of it, and her experiences, both personal and with her clients, make her just the perfect expert to advise women on postpartum exercise. With insights from Dr. Jessica Shepherd, an OB/GYN, the two offer advice on how mothers can go back to exercising after delivery.

Clear it with your doctor first

Before going back to regularly hitting the gym, Dr. Shepherd insists that you should tell your doctor about it. Based on how you’re healing, they will give the okay as to whether you should proceed. If either the pregnancy or the delivery was complicated, the OB/GYN says that you’ll definitely need more time to recover.


Clear it with your doctor first

Seek the services of a personal trainer

Even if you were used to working out alone in the past, it is best to have a personal trainer assess your fitness before you get started on your postpartum exercises. One session with them is enough, and make sure to ask for a custom-made training plan from them, based on the results of their assessment.

Prioritize low-intensity exercises

Dr. Shepherd advises mothers to ease into their routines, allowing the body to adjust to the exertion. You may have had enviable endurance before, but pregnancy and delivery are no small feat, and your body may have changed quite a bit over the period. One of the available options is walking, and we can all agree that this is simple enough.


Stop if anything hurts

Anyone who’s ever hit the gym knows that working out should be a comfortable experience and you shouldn’t be uncomfortable while at it. Of course, your muscles will go sore, but pain shouldn’t be part of it. If sharp and acute pains present themselves while a new mom is exercising, they should stop immediately and reach out to their doctor.

Set Realistic Goals

You may want to get rid of that belly fat as fast as possible, but De La Rue and Dr. Shepherd insist that you should set achievable goals. If you set the bar too high, they say that you’re at risk of psyching yourself out once you don’t achieve what you set out to, and that won’t do anyone any favors.

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