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Vitamin Supplements – Useful or a Hoax?

Supplements that promote themselves claiming to fulfill 3 times your normal dietary requirements might seem all the rave but, they are usually not as effective as their labels boast. Dietary supplements are not as well regulated and critically assessed as pharmaceutical medicines for their effectiveness and side effects. Thus, the probability is the supplements you are popping in your mouth might not be doing you much good.

Sounds like a waste of money? It definitely is, if you are consuming these supplements without any deficiency.

Unsplash | A healthy diet is enough to provide the vitamins you require

Providing Your Body with Essential Nutrients

Expert dieticians are quick to rectify that your body does not need to rely on additional supplements to be healthy. Your body can gain all the nutrients it needs by consuming a balanced diet. Concentrate on consuming wholesome meals that compromise whole grains and adequate meat. Whole grains add the right mix of nutrients to your body along with fiber, which allows you to slowly and efficiently digest and absorb the nutrients.

When Does Your Body Fail to Fulfill Its Dietary Needs?

Here is a list of people for whom dietary supplements are a need. If you fall within the list, consult your general physician, and get yourself a prescription for the best supplement to suit your condition.

Unsplash | Not everyone requires supplements

– You have osteoporosis

If your bones are weak and lacking in calcium, you would not only suffer from aching bones and joints but in a severe case, your bones will be susceptible to fracture upon the slightest collision. Thus, you might be recommended a combination of Vitamin D and calcium tablets to overcome this deficiency.

– You are pregnant or a lactating mother

Both these phases require you to nourish another body. Thus, you need double the nutrients. Your child relies on you to ensure that it does not suffer from any deficiency from birth. Your general physician will advise you to consume folic acid right from the time you plan on conceiving.

Folic acid is critical in ensuring your baby does not suffer from any neurological or spinal impairment. Likewise, multivitamins and calcium tablets will ensure the mother and the child does not possess any deficiency of any sort.

Unsplash |Supplements are essential for new mothers

– You have iron deficiency

If you have anemia, take it seriously and embark on a course of iron capsules. Your condition can translate into blood deficiency and other serious medical conditions if not paid attention to.

Likewise, if you had gluten intolerance or other serious medical condition in the past, you may be prescribed supplements to help you recover quickly and attain maximum health.

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