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3 Things to Get Done Before The Cold & Flu Season Arrives

Trapped inside a house with nowhere to go – sound familiar? We’ll give you a hint – pandemic quarantine! Those two words have been a way of life for us for months. Not to mention, the additional ingredient of fear regarding catching the infection. Am I going to test positive? This question troubles us every day, and so does the COVID crisis.

But do you know what the real problem is? It’s that we’ve become so edged about falling sick that we’re even scared of catching a cold these days. But we get it; it’s the global panic that has driven us all up the wall.


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So with the winter approaching, all of us need to be extra careful so that we stay protected from the cold and flu. Here are a few precautions that Angela Patterson, the chief nurse practitioner at Minute clinic recommends.

Get a vaccine immediately

CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention) has clearly stated on its website that it’s necessary to get vaccinated against the flu this year. It’s for the wellbeing of both you and the people surrounding you. Moreover, a flu vaccine will reduce the strain on the healthcare system in the Corona crisis. Though the time by which you must get the flu shot isn’t specified, there’s no reason for delaying it. We recommend getting the shot for sure by the end of October.

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University Hospitals | The best way to stay away from the flu is getting a vaccine

Ignore your taste buds

Now is the time that you ignore your cravings and think about your immune system. A balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals will help you keep the flu at bay. While the complete list of vitamins that the body needs is long, you shouldn’t miss some of them at any cost.

The amount of vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc in our body determines our immune system’s well-being. The CDC especially recommends having fruits and vegetables full of these nutrients. You can also add yogurt, fortified milk, low-fat milk, and cheese to your diet to replenish your body.

Keep your drinking under control

Whenever a global health issue surfaces, people start coming up with absurd “remedies” they believe will work. Regarding Coronavirus, it’s drinking alcohol! Have you heard about the rumor that consuming alcohol helps in killing the germs in your body?

As weird as that sounds, we decided to find the truth and we did. Drinking alcohol doesn’t attach any string with killing germs. Instead, it gives us an excellent head-start to a whole lot of other health issues. According to research, alcohol can cause inflammation in guts and destroy the good microorganisms that boost our immune system. You’re better off without it!


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To sum it up

Though time is challenging, we have to find a way to survive, no matter what. And one step towards that direction is getting a flu shot as soon as possible.

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