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4 Things to Keep Lungs Healthy You Already Know But Probably Don’t Follow

Everyone keeps saying health is wealth, and we’ve probably heard it a million times during the pandemic. But how many of us actually take out time to think about our health?

TBH, it’s one of those things we take for granted. We’re so wrapped up in our busy schedules that we don’t allow ourselves to pay attention to what our body needs. And right about now if you’re thinking, that’s actually true, my friend, know that you’ve been consciously ignoring things that can cause trouble for you down the line.

You’ll be surprised to know how small things impact your body, your lungs in particular. The lungs are probably the first internal organ exposed to disease since they control the whole breathing system which is active even as you sleep.


Singularity Hub | Our lungs are active even as we sleep so they’re always exposed to diseases

This post is dedicated to apprise you of a few little things you should watch out for if you want to ensure that you keep breathing fine.

Smoking kills

It’s written right there on the carton, but sadly, even after reading it and knowing the repercussions, we smoke. Here’s one more attempt at making you grasp the seriousness of the issue – numerous poisonous chemicals get inside your body when you smoke.

It’s the primary cause of lung cancer and other serious lung issues. And when you smoke you put others around you in danger too. Please keep a distance from smoking to keep your and your family’s lungs healthy and active.

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Avoid excessive exposure to pollution

The air pollution that surrounds us is detrimental to our lungs. But have you wondered if it’s limited to the streets? What about the air pollutants which are present in your house? Your room freshener, for instance! Air fresheners contain highly toxic fragments of hazardous chemicals for the lungs. So it’s time you checked your shopping cart before randomly deciding to add things to it.


Business Insider | Avoid excessive exposure to air pollution on the streets as well as inside your home

Supply Oxygen to your lungs

We’ve all learned in biology classes that lungs help in supplying oxygen to the various parts of our body. But what if the oxygen supplied to our bodies isn’t enough?  Scarcity of O2 can disrupt the lungs’ function and it’s not safe for the heart either. Thus, at least twice a day, breathe deeply in fresh air (preferably in the morning). It can be a savior as it’ll help remove toxins and make your lungs strong.

Proper Nutrition & Exercise

Choose a diet full of nutrients like antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, and proteins. They have the superpower to wipe away all impurities from your lungs. And don’t forget to ensure your lungs get enough exercise. Yep, they need it too! Breathing exercises boost lung capacity and also enhance your energy level.


University of Bridgeport | Proper nutrition and exercise ensure your body and your lungs stay healthy

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To sum it up

The more the world advances in technology, the more people forget to take care of their health. We need to create a balance. Hope the tips given above help!

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