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Activated Charcoal is No Longer Just in Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Beverage, This Health Trend is Everywhere!

If you are always on social media, you may have noticed photos of ice cream that are strangely so deep black that probably made you wonder what kind of dark chocolate was that!  Well, they really are not black because they are chocolate flavored – they are so because they contain activated charcoal!

Before any of you say, ‘eeeew!’ while thinking what is charcoal doing in food, let us explain what exactly this new health trend is that is taking the food market by storm.  And in case you were living under a rock somewhere, Kim Kardashian mentioned that she loves Pressed Juicery’s Charcoal Lemonade, way back in 2016. She claimed that drinking it made her more energetic and described feeling cleansed every time she drinks the charcoal juice.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Some of you may have heard about activated charcoal being used in hospitals, which they really are.  Also called coconut ash or activated carbon, activated charcoal is used as an emergency treatment to stop the effect of lethal drug overdose and some poisons.  The carbon acts by binding the poison and other substances in your stomach before being totally absorbed by the body.

Activated charcoal is created through a step by step process that begins with the gathering of materials rich in carbon like wood.  The carbon rich wood is then burned until it becomes black and can be converted to powder form.  The next step is the ‘activating’ process that creates numerous holes and gaps on the charcoal grains, making it more efficient in binding substances.

Is Activated Charcoal Good for you?

Healthy is trendy these days, and one of the reasons that activated charcoal became popular is because of the many health benefits the body can get from consuming them.  Studies show that activated charcoal lowers the body’s cholesterol level by 25%.  The study performed tests on subjects by making them consume activated charcoal daily, and the results were increased levels of good cholesterol while bad cholesterol levels went down.

Activated charcoal also promotes healthy kidney function, absorbs plaque and prevents staining of teeth, prevents bloating, reduces fluoride content and heavy metal in water, and some swears by its beneficial effects on the skin in preventing acne and treating insect bites.

Why is it Popular?

Let us face it – this new food trend is not going away soon, people are just beginning to get used to ‘black foods’ and they are loving them!  Well, who wouldn’t, right?  Although combining activated charcoal with food products were primarily done for health beneficial reasons, the explanation why it became so popular is because of its jet black color.  The color black is always associated with the words classic, elegance, cool, trendy, and powerful.  If you have seen charcoal-flavored foods on social media, you will understand what we mean.  Every food with charcoal in it is worthy of being photographed.

The use of activated charcoal began with detox drinks because of its potency in detoxifying the body, then including them in toothpastes, later followed face masks – now this healthy trend is just about everywhere!  You can see photos of not just black ice cream on Instagram, there are also posts that include charcoal burgers, charcoal pizzas, charcoal toasts, charcoal coffees, charcoal flavored juices, charcoal pasta, and even charcoal pancakes!

Keeping it Safe.

Elissa Goodman, a holistic nutritionist from LA, gushes on how amazing activated charcoal is.  Goodman develops meal and cleansing plans for Hollywood celebrities such as Kate Hudson.  She says that the human body is toxic and is exposed to toxic environments everyday, which is why she makes it a point to bring activated charcoal with her every time she travels.  She especially brings it to places that she goes to where the cleanliness of drinking water is a concern. She swears by its power and potency in detoxifying the body.  She says she even lets her college aged children use activated charcoal as hangover cures.

Be Adventurous!

Everything we consume should always be in moderation, right?  The same goes for this new and healthy trend called activated charcoal.  Go on and experiment with your taste buds by eating charcoal infused drinks or charcoal flavored foods.  And in case you are not that adventurous with food or drinks, you can try the toothpaste or those rejuvenating face masks, soap, cleansers, cleansing sponges, and other skin care products.  We know you want to, after seeing those cool photos on social media.

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