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Busting the Myth About Probiotics and the Capitalism That Promotes It

Whenever you might hear the term probiotics, your brain of its own accord conjures the image of yogurt and lists down the many benefits of adding dairy to the daily diet. However, your brain does not only stop at that. It also conjures a feeling of guilt within you for failing to fulfill your body’s dietary requirement of probiotics.

It is this guilt and regret of yours that has made you susceptible to capitalism’s campaign of making you buy what they sell!

Sounds confusing?

Let us clear this out for you, starting by discussing the promoted advantages of probiotics for your body.

The advertised benefits of probiotics

These are all the promoted benefits of probiotics:

– Probiotics aid in digestion

– They dominate the harmful bacteria culture in your body and help eradicate it.

– They protect your gut lining from getting damaged by bad bacteria.

– They also aid in digesting medicines for better functionality.

But, did you know that your body maintains a healthy bacteria culture on its own without needing you to supplement it through artificial drinks or capsules? All you need is a balanced diet with adequate dietary fibers, and you are good to go.

Unsplash | Don’t mess up your system with unnecessary supplements

The hidden aspect of probiotics

Everything is not as clear as shown on television and in advertisements. Sometimes sellers might hide the bad aspects of a product to win over customers. The same ploy is employed by the manufacturers of probiotics. They do rave on about the multiple benefits of probiotics for your intestinal health. However, the very same probiotics, when advertised for pigs on farmlands, quite devoutly promise to increase weight by 10%.

Unsplash | Probiotics-based studies on pigs showed an increase in weight

Did your world just shatter? Do you feel like you have been wrongly lured into courting excess weight instead of a healthy lifestyle? Well, unfortunately, it’s true. According to one of the producers of these probiotics, its weight-gaining tendencies have been proved through 40 scientifically prepared trials.

This revelation is completely contrary to your high school biology lesson, which taught you that probiotics not only improve gut health but also boost immunity. However, upon further evaluation, this all seems like propaganda to promote the sales of artificial probiotic supplements. Strengthening immunity has been a key concern of people of all age groups, and playing this card easily meant huge sales.

Unsplash |Just because you read it in a book doesn’t mean it’s legit

Now, there is an urgent need for the Food Safety Authorities worldwide to verify all the claims made by the companies manufacturing probiotics and sieve through the false narratives to uncover the actual truth.

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