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Corona Virus and Influenza Share Similar Symptoms- Can They Share a Similar Vaccine?

The novel coronavirus arrived as a grim reaper at the finale of 2019 and overshadowed all hopes and plans for the year 2020. Due to its highly contagious nature and the high mortality rate among the affected, it led nations worldwide to go into hibernation mode and avoid social engagements of all kinds.

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Nearing the End to a Dreadful Year

Even those who flagged themselves safe from contracting the deadly disease could not save themselves from the economic uncertainty that plagued the world. Trade worldwide ceased. Even the educational institutes which were dubbed as having an inelastic demand in the past, could not survive the economic downturn.

Now, a whole year has passed in these dreadful conditions. It is time to rapidly explore preventive and precautionary measures to halt another fresh wave of the coronavirus.

The relation between influenza and coronavirus

The World Health Organization revealed influenza as one of the top leading causes of death each year spawning about 650,000 deathbeds each year. The seasonal flu or influenza share most of the same symptoms as that of coronavirus when it initially attacks. They both cause fever, flu, and breathing difficulties.

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Influenza also causes a range of cardiovascular problems just like the coronavirus, where many patients have reported worsening symptoms due to a weak cardiovascular system. In fact, the mortality rate of both these diseases is high, owing to how they both disable the proper functioning of the heart and associated organs.

Can Influenza Vaccine be a low-cost Treatment for Corona?

There are presently three ongoing trials on influenzas’ vaccines being used to strengthen immunity against the coronavirus and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Researchers are of the opinion that, though vaccines for coronavirus are underway and every laboratory in the world is struggling to flash out the cure, using the influenza vaccine can be a quick and low-cost option for targeting corona.

The vaccine for influenza is already present, curbing the probability of cardiovascular infliction among patients. If the trials become successful, the vaccine for seasonal flu is out there, already widely produced and distributed. If it proves to be a fruitful remedy for corona, the virus can be swiftly targeted, thus the second wave of corona can be successfully thwarted.

Deposit Photos | Flu shots can help combat coronavirus

The results are not yet out, but these trials provide a flame of hope. Maybe, soon the coronavirus can be subdued and the world and resume a normal life.

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