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Taking a Closer Look at the Effect of Air Pollution on COVID-19

Did you think that the Coronavirus drama is going to end soon? If yes, we’re truly sorry to burst that bubble for you. With the rising air pollution and the approaching winter, there’s really no chance for us to get out of this mess in the near future. In fact, this is the time that we’re most vulnerable to the risk of catching the virus.

Want to know why? Allow us to show you.


Gadgets 360 | Poor air quality makes the lungs vulnerable to diseases like COVID-19

The role of air pollution

It’s common knowledge that poor air quality makes your lungs more vulnerable to diseases. So naturally, a spike in air pollution means more exposure to risks such as airborne viruses and other respiratory illnesses, and these include influenza, viral infections, and even COVID-19. Dr. Neeraj Nischal, associate professor at the AIIMS Department of Medicine, warns that the lower economic class will be the worst affected because they have limited access to protective measures like masks. Plus, they face the additional risk of exposure to food burner smoke.

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Other detrimental factors

Moreover, densely populated areas of India are prone to heavy pollution which can result in the smooth transmission of the virus. On top of that, the approaching winters are expected to bring in smog particles that are going to make things worse. With smog, the particulate matter remains suspended for a long time near the Earth’s surface, and that means Coronavirus has the full opportunity of staying in the air for longer.

This is just a glimpse of what we expect winters to bring. We aren’t exactly sure about the changes it will cause, but it’s good to stay prepared for the worst.


International Beijing Times | Additionally, winters bring along smog which further increases the possibility of the virus spread through the air

The most vulnerable to the disease

Everyone is aware now that people with weak immunity are the most vulnerable to getting infected. But there are groups who need to be extra alert and cautious. Those suffering from asthma or bronchitis have a higher risk of getting infected. And needless to say, the pollution will add to their woes.

The thinking that if you’ve had COVID once you won’t have it again is completely baseless. In fact, people who’ve had it previously could be even more at risk because, after the infection, their lungs become slightly weak and vulnerable to viral respiratory illness and pneumonia. Hence, it’s recommended that if you’ve already survived it once, you get an influenza shot at soon as possible to prepare yourself for a possible second bout.

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Medical Daily | People with respiratory diseases and those who’ve already suffered from Coronavirus once are the most vulnerable

To sum it up

Everyone’s been miserable and helpless for several months, and there’s no way we want this to last any longer. But with a little patience and the right precautions, we can indeed conquer evil. Stay hopeful, stay safe!

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