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The Pandemic Has Many of Us Stress Eating and Gaining Weight

We’re sure it’s hard not to be fully aware of the pandemic that has been raging outside of your doorstep.

The world is in heavy lockdown mode, because of which you’re trapped at home 24/7, with a stockpile of food that is comparatively larger than usual. After a while, you discover that you have developed stress or emotional eating.

Shutterstock | You might be finding yourself reaching for fast food more often

What are you supposed to do in that situation?

What is Meant by the Term ‘Emotional Eating’?

Emotional eating does not rank as a clinical term- it is basically the act of consuming not in response to hunger, rather in response to an emotional state. There is a large variety of reasons as to why people eat, and emotional states are one of them. And they are completely normal.

If naturally, one of the things that lures you the most during stressful times is food, there is literally nothing wrong with you. Soothing or celebrating with food is normal, and it can be used as a tool to cope with your emotions!

However, the only time that this can become a problem is when eating is the ONLY way you cope with things. It is proved through research that people who don’t usually eat enough have to face emotional eating.

Symptoms of Emotional/Stress Eating

Most commonly, emotional/stress eating is accompanied by the following symptoms:

1. Skipping meals

2. Having obsessive thoughts about food that keep you distracted from doing other things

3. Feeling out of control and consuming an unusually large amount of food in very little time.

4. Using laxatives

5. Throwing up

6. Exercising too much

Shutterstock | Mealtimes might be the only time you could have some family fun-time

Ways to Have Control Over the Eating Disorder

Like all other things, you can learn to control and regularize your eating patterns. Employ the following tactics to establish a healthy relationship with food.

1. Learn to accept;

You need to practice acceptance. There is nothing wrong if the thing that gets you through this time is food. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the acts of self-care.

And yes, most people are afraid of gaining weight, and you don’t need to feel ashamed of not wanting body fat. Today’s fatphobic society has trained your mind to be scared of becoming fat. But just making it through this pandemic is doing a lot for yourself, and anything else is just irrelevant. In this case, it’s weight gain.

2. Eat enough;

Do not reduce the amount of food you normally eat just because you’re quarantined now. Many influencers and celebrities nowadays are on social media talking about trying not to gain weight during the pandemic. But these types of dietary restrictions, more often than not, backfire and lead to the opposite of what’s intended- binge eating, emotional eating, and weight gain.

Deposit Photos | Quick cooking is what you need sometimes

The world is going through some turbulent times, which might be making it more difficult than usual to stabilize your emotions. In such cases, you are liable to take care of yourself fully and

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