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How to Save Your New Year’s Resolution in 3 Ways

Every year, we promise and commit to certain goals that we lay down on New Year’s Eve. Yet somehow, we always find ourselves giving up after a few months- if not weeks- and go back to our usual routines and forget all about our goals for the year. Most of the time, we lose the motivation to carry on, and then it’s business as usual. We think it’s time to break that pattern- don’t you?

Based on research, here are 3 fool-proof ways you can nail this year’s resolution.

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1. Will Power

Most people believe that you need to repeat it in order to develop a habit, but that is not true. The best way to develop a habit is having the will power to do so. Human emotions are quite strong, and they can be the driving force behind creating a new habit.

If you don’t want to do something yet and force yourself into it, you associate negative sentiment towards the habit. However, if you do it willingly and in a supportive environment, the feeling of success can motivate you to carry on.

Shutterstock | Eating healthy is a habit worth instilling

2. Environment Change

Let’s assume that you’ve decided that you are done eating junk food and lying in bed, and this year you want to start fresh and pursue a healthy lifestyle. You are most likely going to begin but give up halfway.

This is because of your environment, which serves as a constant reminder of your past self. A change in environment can help maintain a good habit and help boost your mood, resulting in a better commitment to a healthy lifestyle. To put it simply, the habits are already there- you just need to continue practicing them and feel happy when doing so.

Shutterstock | Maybe it’s time for a new home this year

3. Routine Change

The New Year resolution isn’t going to fulfill itself if you go on by the same routine you have had. Sometimes, to change for the better, we need to change our mindset, environment, and even routine. Let’s assume you’ve decided to take a walk daily.

If you follow your previous routine, you will not be able to make time for your exercise. Once you design your routine in accordance with your new habit or resolution that you want to pursue, you will find it easier to follow through with them. Once you have your mind made up and proper routine, everything will fall into place. You’ll be able to continue developing good and healthy habits and achieve your goals for the year.

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