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Study on the Effectiveness of Antiviral Medicine for COVID-19 Patients Yields Disappointing Results

Covid-19 is a life-endangering disease that has spread like wildfire the entire year, gathering multiple people in its claws and causing them to suffer in hospitals and on deathbeds. Desperate for a solution, scientists developed optimism for antiviral medicines to serve to ease the severity of symptoms in coronavirus patients and enable a speedy recovery.

Shutterstock | The virus had millions sick in bed

Testing Antiviral Medicines for Their Effectiveness

Dr. Stad Stappenbeck, who is on board of inflammation and immunity department at Cleveland Clinics research unit, revealed that four antiviral medicines had been tested on a small sample to deduce their effectiveness in treating coronavirus. The four medications, hydroxychloroquine, remdesivir lopinavir, and interferon beta-1a seemed to display an ablation in coronavirus’s strength.

Shutterstock | Antiviral drugs were used due to similar symptoms between COVID and flu

Consequently, the tests were carried out on a larger sample. The medicines were carefully administered to thousands of patients admitted to the hospital. The survey included 11,266 patients admitted to 405 hospitals located in thirty different countries. The effectiveness of the four antiviral medicines was measured against three key indicators:

  • The length of stay in the hospital
  • The need for mechanical ventilation
  • The probability of death

Unfortunately, none of the drugs administered in the study delivered any consoling results. They all remained ineffective in all three aspects: reducing the duration of hospital stay, eradicating the need for a ventilator, and scribing out the death card.

Was Research Successful?

Had the research been successful, we could have hastened our way to a coronavirus free world. Developing medicines is a time-consuming task. It not only requires a lot of investment in terms of the number of days and hours of work, but, it also requires a lot of monetary investment and tons of mental labor. Even after that, the medicine developed needs to be assessed for its multiple side effects and exceptions for patients. This can mean years of hard work. If the antiviral medicines had demonstrated success in curing coronavirus, doctors could have easily evaded phase 1 of developing medicine and just devised dosage and treatment schedule.

Sadly, the failure of this study puts doctors and scientists back at step 1 in devising a successful treatment for millions of people fighting against coronavirus worldwide. The little hope we have is in the form of the vaccine for coronavirus, which will at least boost the immunity of people who are at risk of contracting this virus.

Deposit Photos | The COVID-19 vaccine is all ready for distribution

Nevertheless, with the newly developed vaccine ready to hit the markets soon, the outlook remains positive. Though some high-risk individuals will still not be able to benefit from the vaccine, doctors are hoping to bring around herd immunity, thereby effectively defeating the virus.

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