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Surprising Study Shows Achieving Happiness Is Easier Than You Think, Here’s How

Do you have days when you’re feeling weighed down? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Maybe something didn’t go right at work, you failed to meet a target, or at times, the feeling just hits your out of nowhere. We all experience this, but that’s just part of being human.

Luckily, therapists have several recommendations on how you can beat the blues and get back on the path of happiness and fulfillment. People often spend a lifetime trying to find happiness and failing, but creating it within yourself is possible, and surprisingly, it isn’t that difficult after all.

For starters, self-care always does the trick. Ask yourself what you love doing the most, and set aside some time for it each day. Is taking a walk your cup of tea? Enjoy a long one. If you’re a yoga person, spread out that mat. Lisa Choquette, a professional counselor, says that being active will leave you feeling much better.

If you’re a yoga person, spread out that mat

Jot It Down

She also advises you to keep a journal to jot down everything you’re thinking and whatever you are feeling. You can later decide whether you want to keep it to yourself, share it, or destroy it when you’re done. The important thing is that you get all the pent-up feelings out and onto a paper, that way you’ll feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your back.

And do you have that one movie, TV show, or playlist that lifts your spirits? When you’re feeling sad and broody would be the best time to have any of these on, she continues. The playlist may have you dancing around your living room and soon enough, all your worries will be a thing of the past.

Mollie Volinsky, a psychotherapist based in New York, agrees with Choquette about jotting down your thoughts and emotions, adding that you should also list down everything you are grateful for on that particular day. If you feel as though nothing went as it should have, you should at least appreciate the fact that you’re still alive and healthy, right?

Write down everything you’re grateful for

Tina, another psychotherapist from Denver, advises that when you are in a state where everything seems grey, you should allow yourself to feel it. Admit that you’ve had better days, and as she puts it, this is a clear-cut way to feeling better, as opposed to distracting yourself so as not to face your emotions.

Jenny Weiner, a social worker, says that she tells her clients to learn from their emotions. Instead of numbing them out, she asks them to view such emotions as a stepping stone to understanding themselves better and figuring out the cause behind them.

Utilize Your Imagination

You must have heard of e-counseling, right? Yocheved Golani writes for the counseling website and is also a certified counselor. One of his many pieces of advice concerning this issue is utilizing your imagination as a powerful manifestation tool. By conjuring up pleasant thoughts, he says, you start feeling better almost immediately and attract positive things in your life.

Dr. Lina Velikova proposes that you should scold yourself, just as you would your child who’s at the brink of giving up. To be more practical about it, the doctor recommends that you talk to a picture of your younger self. She admits that it may feel odd at first, but it works.

Sleeping early releases happy hormones

If imagination doesn’t do the trick, she recommends the next best thing – sleep. Going to bed early releases happy hormones, otherwise known as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. You’ll wake up a delightful individual ready to conquer the day, and isn’t that a win?

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