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See How Steve McQueen Transformed Hollywood With His Blockbuster Movies

Steve McQueen was the biggest pop culture icon of his time who gradually transformed Hollywood with his ultra-cool persona in blockbuster films of the 60s. Movies like 12 Years a Slave, Widows, Hunger, Shame, and many others paved the way for him. This undisputed superstar had a troubled childhood and spent most of his youth in reform schools, but he rose against all odds to take the entertainment industry by storm and leave behind a legacy that will forever be remembered.

He loves painting and creating mesmerising motions in his head. He has flirted with different areas of arts and come out as a legend. Little wonder, his movies are simply electrifying and mind-blowing. McQueen won the Turner Prize for his works in the UK. The win was inspirational to creating ‘Hunger.’ The unconventional method that he uses can push him to be extraordinary in what he does.

Interestingly, McQueen has created a mark on the making of historical movies in Hollywood.  He may not be the best actor or the most fancied by fans, but he is an iconic model that the world will always remember.

He has written a defining activity for generations to come. Some of the movies he has starred include The Towering Inferno, The Getaway, The Magnificent Seven, Cult classic The Blob, The Great Escape, The Cincinnati Kid, and many others.

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