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Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri

When you hear the name Guy Fieri, you instantly think of the jolly television show host and chef who’s popular for his signature blond spiky hair, earrings and amazing cooking skills among many other things. Fieri was born as Guy Ramsey Ferry but changed his name to Guy Fieri when he got married to his wife, Lori. Fieri is a talented chef who started cooking at home for family and friends and worked his way up to become a professional chef.

In 2006, he won the Food Network Star’s second season. Among all the foods that he has cooked, Guy loves eating vegetables the most and  prepares all different kinds of vegetable dishes for family dinners. But one of the foods he absolutely can’t stand are eggs. As a kid, he developed a fascination for Japanese food, especially sushi since it takes a lot of effort and skill to prepare. Guy was also influenced by his parents’ cooking skills and used some of their recipes to win the hearts of the judges on the cooking show.

He found a niche in kids’ cooking shows when there was no one else doing it on television. He joined Food Network and requested that he start a cooking show for children. It was a new idea that was slightly bizarre but they allowed him to try his skills with the kids. The show took off, making Guy one of the most renowned television personalities on Food Network.

Fieri has a thing for Cilantro and other fresh herbs that you may either hate or love because of the taste. One of the craziest stuff he has done was wash dishes and sell pretzels for six years to save up money to attend international food Mecca.

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