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Woman Beats Aggressive Type of Cancer With 2 Teaspoons of This Per Day

A decade ago, a woman by the name of  Dieneke Ferguson was diagnosed with one of the deadliest types of cancer in the world – multiple myeloma. That cancer invades the healthy plasma cells in the blood and wreaks havoc on the whole body. Ferguson’s cancer soon started attacked her white blood cells which further on attacked her kidneys and the immune system.

First line of treatment

The first treatment Ferguson underwent was chemotherapy. In fact, she tried not one but three rounds of chemo. However, chemo didn’t stop the aggressive cancer from spreading throughout her body. That was when her doctors decided to have her undergo stem cell transplantations. Just like chemo, the 67-year-old woman’s cancer didn’t react to that treatment.

Describing the unfortunate situation she got in, Ferguson said that she had been on all sorts of toxic drugs and their side-effects were terrifying. At one point she lost her memory for three days, and in 2008 two of the vertebrae in her spine collapsed so she couldn’t walk.

Desperate, Dieneke started looking for alternative treatments for her dangerous ailment that was about to kill her. That’s when she found that was quite promising – curcumin.

The wonders of Curcumin

Curcumin is a naturally occurring chemical compound in turmeric, one of the most beautiful herbs in the world. The reason why Ferguson decided to try curcumin as the first line of defense against cancer is that she read in the news about one woman called Margaret who allegedly beat her multiple myeloma by consuming curcumin.

Just like Margaret, Dieneke began taking two teaspoons or approximately 8 grams of “the golden spice” per day for five consecutive years. As a result of that, she is now stronger than ever and a medical wonder. Her colleagues say that she is in such a good health that her cancer became negligible and manageable.

Dieneke Ferguson became yet another person which got rid of cancer by consuming nothing else but two tsp of curcumin. Interested in her miraculous healing, Professor Jamie Cavenagh who teaches at Bart Hospital in London, published a report on this case study of Ferguson.

Curcumin and cancer

Professor Cavenagh is almost certain that curcumin played a major role in her stunning recovery. As he explains, “When you review her chart, there’s no alternative explanation [for her recovery] other than we’re seeing a response to curcumin.”

Another person who believes that the magical compound found in turmeric helped Ferguson beat cancer is Dr. Abbas Zaidi, one of the most respectable hematologists in the United Kingdom. He co-authored the aforementioned report on this case and explains: “Here we describe a myeloma patient who started a daily dietary supplement of curcumin when approaching her third relapse. In the absence of further anti-myeloma treatment, the patient plateaued and has remained stable for the last five years with good quality of life.”

Even though all evidence is there supporting that this British woman was cured of cancer by consuming curcumin extract, numerous practitioners of conventional medicine still don’t buy the story. They highly doubt that Ferguson became free of the dangerous disease by consuming the so-called “magical spice.”

Research continues

A team of researchers at Baylor University’s Center for Gastrointestinal Research on the lead with Dr. Ajay Goel certainly believe in its healing properties. That’s because they conducted several types of research into curcumin’s medicinal benefits, and they have evidence that the “golden herb” can augment chemotherapy, treat depression, and alleviate rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Goel is certain that turmeric has substantial medical benefits, but he’s also sure that the herb can’t help anyone who suffers from cancer. He believes in the herb’s benefits because it is loaded with antioxidants, anti-tumor agents, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Other scientific studies and their results about the medicinal benefits of turmeric have been mixed. However, even those who doubt the whole hype about the spice say that it is a great addition to the diet.

If you want to feel the health benefits of turmeric’s compounds, keep in mind that the household version of that spice contains only 2% to 3% of curcumin and that curcumin derived from household curcuma isn’t easily absorbed in the body. Combining curcuma with black pepper will improve the absorption significantly.

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