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Breakfast and Weight Loss Myths that aren’t Backed up by Science

Nothing beats waking up to a good breakfast and a hot coffee while the sunshine dances in our room. It’s therapeutic and it sets our mood properly throughout the day. But because life is hard and we have to earn money to survive, we tend to skip meals just to make it on time for our jobs.

Skipping breakfast can make us guilty sometimes because we have been told many lies about it. Here are some of the major misconceptions we have about the first meal of the day.

Skipping breakfast can make us gain weight

Overnight oats is a quick way to fuel an empty stomach in the morning

According to some, skipping breakfast will make people more vulnerable to weight gain. But Science begs to differ. According to a recently published study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating in the morning and weight loss have no direct relationship. It will not promote weight loss nor will it slow down the process.

There might be a relationship between the two if supplements for weight loss like proteins shakes are usually consumed in the morning but were skipped. But for the sake of intake, there is not enough evidence to support these claims. If there was, intermittent fasting shouldn’t have worked in the first place.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

If a person is given a dollar every time this line is being uttered, that person could easily become a millionaire. People should know that the time of any meal is not as important as what is consumed. If breakfast would contain pizzas, burgers, fries, and soda, then that easily becomes the most dangerous meal of the day.

But that doesn’t just also give us a free pass to stop eating breakfast. It’s important to assess the activities for the day and adjust the meals accordingly in size and proportion instead of just skipping it all together.

Metabolism can be improved by eating breakfast

There are many ways to rewire our metabolic rate and eating breakfast is really not considered to be one of it. According to ‘The Bath’ study, breakfast eaters only lost an additional 11 calories per day compared to those who have skipped it. It may look like the 11 calories is better than not having at all. But considering the daily intake of a regular adult which is usually about 2,000 calories or more, the 11 calories is not at all significant.

Breakfast can make students smarter

Kids will perform better in school if they are not distracted by hunger

There have been conducted studies that show students get higher grades when schools give breakfast prior to an examination. This has led people to think that eating breakfast can make them better students. But studies also show that the food given was most likely to have positive effects on students who may not have the same access to food at home. Also, the study proves that students can perform better in school if hunger doesn’t distract them from answering an exam.

Skipping breakfast can make us eat more throughout the day

A new study conducted at Cornell  shows that non-breakfast eaters were not necessarily storing and taking in more calories throughout the day. Quite the opposite in fact. People who ate breakfast have higher calorie intake as compared to those who skipped it. It’s just that the skippers were the hungriest when lunch time came.

Skipping breakfast will not magically make us eat less though it can help delay the feeling of hunger. But

Bottom line:

The four myths mentioned above have helped us to see the value of eating and re-fueling the body before a full day starts. But the same myths have lead some people to adopt unhealthy eating habits like skipping other meals of the day except breakfast. Some corporations have also taken advantage of these myths by coming up with “healthy” and “quick” breakfast meals.

The main take away from this is that no single meal is more important than the other. All three meals of the day are equally important depending on the body’s needs. And it’s always about the food that we eat, not the time when we eat it. This shouldn’t also be a reason to skip breakfast. It’s important that we listen to our body and if it’s hungry, then we eat.

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