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“Omit This from Your Nocturnal Activities to Lose Weight” Says Celebrity Personal Trainer

Rochelle Humes is a famous British television personality who currently hosts Ninja Warrior UK. She was also a part of the group S Club 8, a British pop group that was a spin-off of the group S Club 7. Although she was a singer and is on TV, the one thing Rochelle is most famous for is having a fit and toned body, even after having two kids!

So what’s her secret to losing weight and maintaining her great form? Her fitness can be attributed to two things: a healthy diet and guidance from her personal trainer, Peter Mac. Peter revealed recently that perfection can be achieved by simply avoiding eating at a particular time of the day – late at night!

Peter suggested that the best way for a person to lose weight is to avoid eating late at night. He was quoted as saying that people should avoid this habit like plague because it can lead to an upset stomach or bloating, and in turn lead to difficulty in falling asleep.

Why eating late at night is not good

How metabolism works has been a constant field of study for researchers and scientists. Based on some concluded studies, the reason why people tend to gain more weight by eating late at night is because our body is made to efficiently process food and burn calories during the day.  Dr. Frank Scheer, a Harvard neuroscientist explained that various studies have led to the understanding that our biological make-up responds differently to the consumed calories, at different hours of the day (and in this case, night). Eating late at night is not necessarily classified as ‘binging’ as some people are forced to eat much later in the night because of unavoidable circumstances. But unfortunately for us, as studies reflect, the body responds differently to eating food with same calorific values during the day and certainly different late at night. That late-night bowl of ice cream or left over mac and cheese may all go straight towards the waist or behind!

In addition to this valuable piece of information, here are some dietary suggestions that Peter Mac asks you to follow if you are determined to shed that extra pounds.

Drink plenty of water

We all know water is important to weight loss. It hydrates you and makes you feel full without adding calories. Peter recommended the first thing you do as you wake up is drink a glass of water because your body becomes dehydrated during sleep. Remember to keep sipping water throughout the day and not just when you feel thirsty.

Plan your Meals

Let us admit that when it comes to healthy eating, our greatest enemy is not being prepared.  When you plan your meals, you are always prepared – you know what you should eat to stay on your weight loss goal. If you do not plan your meals, you may lose the willpower to refuse food available to you. Peter believes in being prepared, he suggests planning your next meal while you are eating your current meal. He also says that in case you get those cravings in between meals, California Almonds is great choice to snack on, a handful is the right amount. He elaborated that almonds can aid in reducing fatigue because it is high in magnesium.

Give your Body Some Downtime

Yes, having a regular exercise routine and moving often will definitely burn a lot of calories, but sometimes your body needs to have a break to recover.  You see, every time you work out, your body gets tired, and to be able to regain strength, it needs to ‘refuel’, which can be done by resting.  Downtime will help effectively transport oxygen throughout the body. Peter suggests listening to the needs of your body because it gives out warning signals, and pinpointed the importance of rest and recuperation to the workout process.

It has been said that to be successful in losing weight, balance is the key. The secret does not lie within one specific diet, but with healthy habits performed throughout the day. Following Peter Mac’s tips can help you create new healthy habits, and because science has confirmed it, we better start avoiding eating late at night.

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