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Unique Breakfast Ideas to Help You Combat High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is an emerging problem in the modern world. It can be attributed to an improper diet and an erratic daily routine. The binge eating that accompanies midnight movie sessions with friends and the excessive consumption of fatty processed foods like cookies, chips, and drinks are all leading causes of high cholesterol.

However, it is important to remind you that not all cholesterol is bad. HDL or good cholesterol is important for your body and assists it in performing its daily functions. On the other hand, LDL or bad cholesterol easily identified in trans-fat oils or partially hydrogenated oil can be fatal for you. They stick to your artery walls like a layer of plaque and keep growing with your continuous consumption of fatty foods. Ultimately you fall victim to cardiovascular problems.

Unsplash |Beans are good for healthy growth

Given below are a few healthy ideas for breakfast that will not only reduce your cholesterol consumption but also improve your cardiovascular health. The plus point is that these meals are quick and easy and can easily be replicated by an amateur cook.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is rightly identified as a superfood. A cup of cooked oats can leave you feeling full for a long time and can help you curb the desire for overeating. Cook this grain in milk and add your choice of sweetener, or even fresh fruits and nuts, to make it an appetizing dish.

  1. Steamed fish

Who doesn’t love fish? However, try to skip the oil and cook it in steam. Season it right with moderate spices so as to start your day on a healthy note. This meat source is a fount of Omega 3 fatty acids and will help reduce the triglycerides in the bloodstream.

Unsplash |Fish is a great protein to start the day with

  1. Bean Club Sandwich

Beans are rich in protein, plus kidney beans and red beans are known as cholesterol fighters. Place a mushed mixture of these beans within two slices of bran bread or a fat-free tortilla wrap. Add fresh veggies to amp up the flavor but, be sure to skip on the cheese and mayonnaise.

  1. Muesli

We all love roasted nuts and almonds. Make it a complete meal by supplementing them with flax seeds and chia seeds. Add a mix of fruits of your choice. This is a high-packed breakfast choice.

Unsplash |Nuts can be added to a variety of low-fat breakfast bowls

Pin these easy breakfast options on your refrigerator door so that when you wake up early morning and are riddled by a craving for cheesy foods and fatty bacon, you immediately know to stop yourself and think about your heart’s health instead.

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