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Get the Look: Unleashing Maya Jama’s Bombshell Vibes with Beachy Curls

The Sensational Maya Jama Look

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been glued to “Love Island All Stars,” marveling at how Maya Jama manages to keep her hair looking absolutely fabulous under the hot South African sun. As the beloved host of the show, Maya, at 29, has made a name for herself with her signature curls.

They’re the ultimate hair goal for many of us, especially with summer on the horizon. These curls aren’t just any curls; they transition seamlessly from day to night, making them a must-have in your style repertoire.

Secrets from a Celebrity Stylist

jaybirmingham_ | Instagram | Jay shares, "Working with Maya is always a dream.

Instagram | jaybirmingham_ | Jay shares, Working with Maya is always a dream.

Jay Birmingham is the genius behind Maya’s enviable locks. With a client list that includes names like Khloe Kardashian and Eva Longoria, Jay knows a thing or two about creating head-turning hairstyles. But it’s Maya’s beachy waves that have us all talking. Jay shares, “Working with Maya is always a dream. She’s all about trying new styles and absolutely loves having gorgeous hair.”

Crafting the Perfect Curls

The Foundation: Voluminous Blow-Dry

According to Jay, the key to achieving those perfect Maya Jama curls starts with a good volumizing shampoo and a top-notch texturizing spray. These essentials lay the groundwork for what’s to come. Jay’s technique involves a big, bouncy blow-dry, focusing the heat at the roots to lift the hair and give it that extra oomph. He uses a large barrel brush to create that beautiful bounce and those swoon-worthy curls.

Texturizing Spray: The Secret Weapon

The right texturizing spray not only adds grip but also ensures your style holds throughout the day. If you’re trying to recreate Maya’s look at home, a curling wand with a narrow barrel will be your best friend. And don’t forget the mousse! It’s crucial for keeping your curls intact and preventing them from falling flat.

Beat the Heat: Tips for Lasting Curls

mayajama | Instagram | mayajama | Instagram | Keeping your hair well-conditioned is also vital, especially in the heat.

Instagram | mayajama | Jay relies on nutrient-rich shampoo and conditioner for Maya’s healthy, hydrated hair.

Jay has a few tricks up his sleeve for those pesky hot and humid days. His go-to? Color Wow’s ‘Dream Coat Supernatural Spray’. This wonder product is a staple for Maya, helping her hair stay frizz-free and fabulous, no matter the climate. Keeping your hair well-conditioned is also vital, especially in the heat. Jay swears by a nutrient-rich shampoo and conditioner to keep Maya’s hair looking healthy and hydrated.

The Ultimate Updo Guide

Preparation is Everything

For those times when you want to switch things up with an updo, the right preparation is crucial. A strong foundation will ensure your style lasts all day (or night). Choose products that complement your hair type and texture to guarantee a flawless finish.

Jay’s Must-Haves | Instagram | To transform Maya's curls into a stunning updo, Jay relies on a few key products.

Instagram | | Maya Jama’s beachy waves aren’t just a hairstyle – they’re a fashion statement.

To transform Maya’s curls into a stunning updo, Jay relies on a few key products:

  • Color Wow ‘Pop & Lock High Gloss Finish’
  • Color Wow ‘Extreme Strength Dream Coat’
  • Ghd ‘Curve Soft Curl Tong’

These products not only add the perfect finishing touches but also ensure the style holds beautifully.

Less is More

Jay’s philosophy when it comes to products? Less is definitely more. Avoid overloading your hair with too many products. Opt for lightweight options that won’t weigh your hair down, ensuring your curls stay bouncy and vibrant.

Maya Jama’s beachy waves are more than just a hairstyle; they’re a statement. With Jay Birmingham’s expert tips, you’re well on your way to achieving that sensational look. Remember, the right products and techniques can make all the difference.

So, whether you’re basking in the summer sun or heading out for a night on the town, those iconic curls are sure to turn heads.

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