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Here’s How You Can Have An Effective Work Out Even During The Heat Days

Fitness enthusiasts would hate to hear this, but it seems as though the weather has been predicted by the MET office to be quite warm, most definitely set a record for the coming two weeks that is said to reach as high as 35 degrees.

It is a fact that people mostly prefer to pick the outdoors on a sunny day for runs and exercise; however, can a person really have a good fitness session when it is brutally hot? And even if you are part of the minority that prefers gyms, the air conditioner in that closed facility might not satisfy you as much as you may need. Whether you are in the minority or majority, fret not, because today we have picked the brains of experts to find the ultimate alternatives for working out in the extreme heat.


Hot Yoga

The experts pointed out that the heat can be counted as a sense of adventure for some exercises. Looking for ways to lose weight and also become fit overall? Hot yoga just might be the thing for you. A 2014 research study proved that taking a brisk walk gets your heart to pump exactly at the same rate as taking a single hot yoga class.

Adding heat to activities such as pilates, as well as yoga, is shown to be taxing on peoples’ mental health as well as their focus. 

The experts believe that more calories are burned this way because your body is constantly trying to synchronize the temperatures of your body. All one needs to do is listen to their body and be safe while taking on the exercise. 

Alexy Almond/Pexels | Hot yoga can be quite beneficial as it can elevate your heartbeat to healthy levels

Short Sessions 

The expert also suggests that during the heat, the wise decision is to do short exercise sessions instead of extended ones. 

Her belief is that exercise added with warm weather turns out to be quite stressful for one’s body, which is why it is wiser to do short sessions as sometimes less is more. 

Pixabay/Pexels | Longer workout sessions may cause dehydration and other health issues

Days Instead of Time 

Another important point made by the expert was that your focus shouldn’t be on how much time it takes for you to finish a session of exercise, rather, it should be on the number of days you work out. She said that even if you cut your exercise period from an hour to 30 minutes, it will still surely have some benefits. She says rather than keeping track of how much time your spend on your run or during a gym session, keep track of how many days you are working out, even if it’s only for 15 minutes in a day. 

Victor Freitas/Pexels | You could even opt for short sessions twice a day

Overworking yourself on hotter days is definitely a no-no.

Follow these healthier ways to get that daily calorie burn-in.

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