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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore The Shooting Pain in Your Hip While Running

Being athletic and actively involved in sports sounds inspirational to most of us. And it actually is, too, for it means you have a fit body that’s far away from common health issues. However, not everything’s green about being athletic. Like every field, it comes with its own set of challenges.


Healthline | Regular runners, often suffer from sharp hip pain while running, and there could be several reasons for it

Runners, for instance, are subjected to a variety of injuries and health conditions at one or the other stage in their careers. Among the medical issues they face, hip pain is particularly difficult and inconvenient to deal with. While some people may experience mild pain, others can be especially troubled by it. But the good news is that with proper rest and care, it can be healed.

Join us as we shed more light on the causes and cures of hip pain in frequent runners.

Is an underlying injury giving you hip pain while running?

Hip joint complications usually cause pain in the joint’s front, where the leg connects to the trunk. You can also experience discomfort in the lower portion of your glutes and the top of your back thigh if you have a hip injury. Some of the clear signs of an underlying hip injury include:

  • Inability to lift the leg at the hip
  • Inability to place weight on one leg due to hip pain
  • Swelling around the joint
  • Sharp pain in the hip joint while running

Shutterstock | The causes of hip pain could be an underlying injury or illness

Other Causes of Hip Pain

Hip pain can be caused by changes in the bone structure as people grow older. It may be the result of an infection in the joints, bursae, or bone and it may be a symptom of a variety of illnesses or disorders including:

  • Tendinitis

Tendinitis happens when the psoas muscle (a deep hip muscle) is overworked and pulls on a tendon that binds it to the iliac bone, causing inflammation. This is most often caused by excessively speedy running or too much of climbing.

  • Cartilage Tears

It takes time for a cartilage (labral) tear in the hip to heal properly. The most obvious symptom of this injury is a clicking or catching sensation while running, particularly if it’s accompanied by pain. If you’ve recently fallen or twisted your ankle, this is much more likely.

  • Stress fracture

A stress fracture in the femur may occur due to improper training or overtraining with the wrong footwear.

This is how you can cure and prevent hip pain

  • Perform hamstring stretches, hip flexor stretches, and pelvic tilts to increase your flexibility
  • Use unique movements like squats and lunges to give strength to the active muscles of the hip joint. At least twice a week, do resistance training
  • To boost balance and stability, strengthen your core/torso muscles
  • When standing, sitting, or walking, keep a good posture. This helps the hips to rotate and act naturally without placing them under unnecessary stress

Pinterest | One of the best ways to prevent hip pain is to regularly engage in stretching exercises like lunges and squats to keep the muscles flexible

To Conclude

If you experience pain while running, the first thing you should do is stop. Many people would think it’s a natural effect, but the truth is that if you continue running in pain, it could get worse. We suggest you immediately check with a doctor because the earlier you get rest, the less time you’ll take to recover.

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