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4 Foods That Cause Constipation Regardless of Strong Digestion

The food you consume every day is directly linked to what comes out of it. One of the most patent consequences can be constipation. However, it is not ‘all the food’ that you consume that lowers your bowels and causes constipation. Rather, it is the combination of the foods that cause the issue.

Excess of everything is bad, as they say. Gastroenterologists argue that a single food, when eaten lightly, does not lower the bowels. It is rather the excessive consumption of foods that causes constipation. Here are 5 foods that, according to experts, cause constipation.

  1. Excessive Consumption of Dairy Products

As mentioned earlier, constipation is not an outcome of only one product. Rather, it is the combination and excess of foods that cause constipation. And the excess of dairy food products is no exception.

Engin / Pexels / “Constipation is not a result of a single food, it is rather the excess of them,” says Dr. Bedford. 

Dr. Rudolph, a California-based gastroenterologist, says that dairy food products cause constipation mostly in kids and toddlers. He argues that they are unsure if dairy products and cow milk really cause constipation in adults. Furthermore, Dr. Rudolp recommends switching your diet to non-dairy products like soy, almond, and oat milk – if your constipation is caused by dairy products.

2. Fried & Fast Foods

Fast foods are notorious for being healthy. Burgers, pizza, fries, and sandwiches that you consume every day badly affect your body. One of the major side effects of these fried and fast foods can be constipation, says Dr. Bedford, a Texas-based gastroenterologist.

Rajesh / Pexels / According to gastroenterology, fast foods have high fat that slows down the bowels and causes constipation. 

“Fried and fast foods have low fiber and high fat,” says Dr. Bedford. He further affirms saying “This low fiber and high fat is a weird combination that your stomach faces difficulty in processing. As a result, the motility – processing of food in your stomach – slows down and the worst trigger can be constipation.

3. Red Meat

It is quite common that regardless of how strong your digestion is, the process slows down when you eat “heavy food” like red meat. According to Dr. Bedford, one of the major issues with red meat is that it gathers other foods in your body. Consequently, your digestive system slows down while processing the combination of different foods along with red meat.

“Just like processed foods, red meat is low in fiber and high in fat. This means, red meat eaters do get enough fiber, and lack of fiber slows down the digestive system,” says Dr. Bedford. Once your digestion process is slow, constipation is the obvious consequence.

4. Sweets

Sweets like candies, licorice, and bakeries also cause constipation if eaten excessively, says Dr. Maser. The reasons are akin to the foods mentioned above – they are low in fiber and high in fat. Dr. Maser goes on to say: “sweets and high-sugar candies put pressure on your digestive system and slow down the bowels. In turn, it causes constipation.”

Ovsyannikov / Pexels / A decent amount of sweets along with a normal diet makes the digestive system healthy. 

Can You Believe Eating Less is Also One of the Causes of Constipation?

Yes. You read it correctly. One of the prime causes of constipation can be the scarcity of food. Dr. Maser argues “your stomach needs enough food to dilate that creates gastrocolic reflex. The complex digestive system work in sync with other organs of your body to maintain sound digestion.” On the other hand, if the stomach is empty and does not have enough food, the stomach fails to produce a gastrocolic reflex. Consequently, it results in constipation.

Dr. Master recommends not restricting yourself from eating enough food. He further suggests increasing the amount of fiber in your food to avoid constipation.

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