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4 Things You Are Doing Wrong in The Shower

Taking a shower every day has become the new norm. People consider it to be a sign of healthy living. Especially when surrounded by coronavirus cases, it may not come as a surprise to you that some people are bathing even twice or thrice in the day. Some people also find a warm shower at the end of the day relaxing and therapeutic for the body. It is often seen as an act of destressing by soaking yourself for an hour in the bathtub with nothing intruding on your precious alone time.

Unsplash | Baths aren’t a daily necessity

However, your dermatologist may be quite perturbed by your shower etiquette, especially if you have sensitive skin. Below is a list of things your dermatologist wants you to avoid while in the shower.

– Taking hot showers

With hot water being synonymous with luxury, especially if you live in the tropical or polar regions, you may be used to taking hot showers. Your body might relax, but your skin sure despises very hot water. Scalding hot water can strip your skin of moisture and leave it dry. That will put you at risk for dermatitis or eczema. You may also lose the radiant glow of your skin.

– Using antibacterial soaps

With the fear of germs prevailing everywhere, you might find yourself under lush foam from some antibacterial soap you bought from the supermarket. Your antibacterial soap might promise to rid you of germs, but it will also leave you bereft of good bacteria that protect your skin from harmful viruses. You might also be left with very dry skin.

– You are walking barefoot into wet places

This is an exceptionally grave mistake, especially if you are using public restrooms or changing rooms. Walking barefoot in humid areas with a heavy footfall can make you the recipient of unwelcome gifts like ‘athlete’s foot’ and ‘warts.’ Start wearing flip flops to moist places.

Unsplash | Keep your feet protected at all times

– You are scrubbing too much

Apologies for invalidating all the lessons you might have received from your parents about taking a shower, but the truth is it is high time you take proper care of your skin. After all, the skin is the largest part of your body, and your skin does not love to be scrubbed every day.

In fact, your skin does not even like to be washed with soap every day. Experts reveal that water is enough to clean your body of most germs. Your hands and private parts are the only regions of your body requiring to be washed with soap regularly.

Unsplash | You don’t need as much soap as you thought you did

It is time to adopt new shower habits to regain that youthful radiance on your skin that you have lost over time.

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