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Here Are 5 Essential Nutrients for Your Child’s Growth

Have you ever wondered why your child is not growing as they should? Are their classmates taller than your child? Are you starting to worry? Well, there is a valid reason for your child’s slowed growth- they are not receiving the nutrients they need to grow up. Sometimes, lack of nutrition can lead to a deficiency, which can result in stunted growth and can also affect your child’s immune system. If your child does not receive a proper diet, they might find themselves visiting the doctor often when they are older.

To prevent you from dealing with such dire circumstances, we’re going, to sum up and list the 5 most important nutrients that you need to include in your child’s meals.

1. Calcium

Calcium is an essential nutrient for the development of bones and teeth. Calcium is absorbed into the bones and teeth, thereby reinforcing their strength and reducing the chances of developing early osteoporosis. Calcium is also greatly important for functions such as muscle contraction, regular hormone function, and nerve signaling. The calcium in the bones decreases in adulthood; hence, your child needs all the calcium they can get in their early years.

Pexels | Make sure your child has milk daily

2. Vitamin D

This vitamin is just as essential as calcium for the development of bones and teeth since Vitamin D works hand in hand with Calcium, as it facilitates its absorption into the bones. It also plays the role of immune system booster and is known to be highly beneficial for cognitive development and mental health.

3. Potassium

Potassium is mainly found in bananas, which, luckily, most children love to eat. But, do you know how important it is for their diet? Potassium is essential for maintaining bodily fluids, keeping the electrolytes in balance, and regulating normal cell functions. A lack of Potassium is linked with heart diseases and hypertension, making it just as important for adults as it is for children.

Pexels | Get that essential daily dose of potassium

4. Probiotics

Probiotics are referred to as the ‘good’ bacteria that regulate gut functions and help in strengthening the immune system in children. Probiotics are also proven to be useful when it comes to reducing allergies and atopic eczema.

5. Multis

The last nutrient is whole natural foods. There are many nutrients that are essential for the development of your children. With the help of a proper diet, which includes whole foods, you can ensure that your child receives all the necessary nutrients needed.

Pexels | Keep the consumption of the processed foods to a minimum

These nutrients can be incorporated into the diets through nutrient-rich food or supplements that provide these nutrients.

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