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Awesome Tips to Cut Back on Sugar We Can All Benefit From

One of the most horrible things you can do to yourself is to eat too much sugar. It contributes to obesity and tooth decay and invites several heart diseases and even cancer. If you’re fond of sweet things, doctors advise consuming naturally sweet fruits and vegetables since they’re healthier than artificial sweeteners.


Unsplash | Doctors advise consuming naturally sweet fruits and vegetables since they’re healthier than artificial sweeteners

Talking about artificial sweeteners, the sugar in processed foods is unhealthy and very risky for health. As such, you should try as much as possible to cut back on such consumables. But we know it’s easier said than done, especially if you’ve been in the habit of having any and everything sweet.

Well, worry not. We have a few tricks here using which you can effortlessly eliminate sugar from your diet. Have a look.

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Set your sweet limits

First and foremost, get rid of all those cookies, muffins, energy bars, and candies from your pantry. Just this step will help you cut out the bulk of undue calories you consume every day. Make it a point to stick to no more than 25 grams of sugar per day (for women), and to 36 grams per day (for men).


Unsplash | Make it a point to put a limit on your candy, cookie, and chocolate intake

Watch it before you eat it

Any time you use a lump of sugar or an artificial sweetener, pause for a second to notice the instinct and then hold it back. Try figuring out what truly urges you to eat sugar. It could be one of these reasons:

  • Your blood sugar is too low
  • You’re tired
  • You have PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)

How about you switch that sugar with a natural option like agave or honey? Might taste different for a couple of days, but you’ll get used to it. And in the long run, it will surely make a difference.

Eliminate sugary drinks

Most of us are aware that soda, vanilla flavored coffee, and other such drinks contain added sugar. But you might not notice it right away in bottled iced teas, some brands of coconut water, flavored waters, and artificially sweetened drinks. Quitting coffee or a comforting can is hard, agreed. But it can only happen with a little effort.

A good way to drop a habit is to replace it with something else. How about switching to unsweetened coffee, tea, or dark chocolate? If you’re in the habit of stepping out for afternoon coffee, why not talk to a friend and skip the urge altogether?


Unsplash | Try to avoid artificially sweetened drinks like sodas, sweetened teas and coffees

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To sum it up

Studies have found that an American consumes more than twice the recommended amount of added sugar per day. Now whether you realize it or not, the fact is that excess sugar in your diet can have incredibly harmful effects on your body. As such, it’s important to get rid of obvious sources of sugar from your everyday life. What’s more, staying aware about the hidden sources of sugar is also recommended.

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