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Can Vitamin D Be The Superhero Against The Novel Virus?

Over the course of the past two years, there have been many speculations regarding what can protect the human body from contracting the novel virus. Many doctors have pointed out that supplements which consist of Zinc and Vitamin D could be beneficial for protection against it. You’ve probably seen many posts on social media regarding numerous home remedies and supplements that can keep you safe but, is there any truth behind this?

Pexels | The threat of the virus still looms large in everyday life

Is Vitamin D actually beneficial against the virus?

Well, the answer is yes. Once the scientists started researching, they discovered that Vitamin D supplements might play a good role in preventing the virus or at least lowering its intensity. But, when moving to proper research and testing with regards to respiratory illness, the results showed a contradicting outcome.

Pexels | If you are thinking of putting down those Vitamin D supplements, not so fast

Why did scientists consider it in the first place?

From all the immune system boosting nutrients, why is Vitamin D the center of attention? The simple answer to that is many patients that were suffering from the virus showed a Vitamin D deficiency, according to the Chairperson of Medical Gerontology at Trinity College in Dublin, Rose Anne Kenny.

Aging and obesity restrict the body’s ability to absorb Vitamin D, making them more prone to developing a severe case of the virus. Vitamin D is known for its numerous benefits and its ability to aid humans in regulating normal bodily functions. It is essential for the development of bones while simultaneously having a strong impact on the immune system as well.

Pexels | Research on the virus remains ongoing even after widespread vaccine distribution

So, what is the final verdict?

There are a number of researches that have not resulted in a coherent idea regarding Vitamin D and its ability to prevent and protect the body from the virus, making it hard for doctors around the world to give recommendations for Vitamin D at a global level.

However, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the vitamin entirely. Vitamin D is one of those vitamins that you can’t ignore in your diet. Especially for people who have been in social isolation and people above the age of 60, Vitamin D is essential to your wellbeing. While it may not be directly linked to preventing the virus, it is still necessary to help your body stay healthy and active.

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