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From Comedians To Faithful Leaders: Two Stand-Up Comedians Who Turned Into Priests

There comes a moment in one’s life when they come across something that changes their entire perspective on life. It could be a close encounter with death or a small everyday moment you didn’t notice before. These moments often end up bringing people close to their religion or pushing them toward exploring their spiritual side.

When it comes to comedians, the last thing you can expect them to be is religious. Yes, they can have a practicing faith, but they definitely can not be preachers by day and comedians by night. Generally, comedians have a quite laid-back look at life, and they often like to find humor in things, unlike priests who take the word of God seriously. They not only follow the religion but also urge others to follow the path of God. So, what happens when two stand-up comedians turn to priesthood? 

Pixabay/Pexels | Here is the story of Trevor Smith and John Saxbee, who shed light on the situation.

Becoming ‘Born Again’

Rev Trevor Smith opened up about his experience of finding God and being ‘born again.’ It happened on January 6th, 1980, on a Sunday. However, he felt truly born again when he was visited by a gay couple intending communion. At the altar, the thought that came to Rev Smith’s mind was not the question of whether he could give communion to a gay couple but whether they had been confirmed.

He mentioned that there had been other times when he observed a born-again moment, which made him realize that he no longer sees eye to eye with the Church of England’s life. This church is taken over by two extremes; Anglo-Catholicism and Evangelicalism. He continued and recounted the time when Jesus was approached by a Canaanite woman who begged him to help her possessed daughter. 

Pixabay/Pexels | He replied, “Woman, you have great faith.”

Sense Of Humor For The Right Cause

Rev John Saxbee also chimed into the situation and commented on how a single spark can turn lives around as it did for Josh Dolphin and Jack Chishnall, former comedians turned priests. He says that now the two have the opportunity to use their comedic gift and recycle it to be turned into something beneficial. He also quoted something he heard from a Bishop once, “If God didn’t have a sense of humor, then he wouldn’t have called you and me.’

All this comes after Jack Chishnall and Josh Dolphin, who used to poke fun at life through absurd jokes and sketches, but it was not long after that the two embarked on a spiritual journey that has not only turned their lives around but also put them in a place where they can help others find the way. Chisnall states that setting out on a religious path is all about establishing new habits and repeating them and Dolphin mentioned how he lost his friends who said that he was ‘throwing his life away.’

Pixabay/Pexels | But now he is working towards being a chaplain in school.

Impressive, isn’t it?

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