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Diving Headfirst Into The World of The Flexitarian Diet

By now, you might have heard about the numerous diets that have taken over the world much like the pandemic. People, with the help of social media, have shared the diets that work for them and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of these diets may seem extreme and others may make you wonder why they even exist but here you are, reading about another diet yet again.

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Plants, Meats, and Everything in Between

Before you jump to conclusions and make your lasting opinion about diets, let’s discuss some of them. There are many groups of people who follow different types of diet: some of them are called vegans, some are called pescatarian, some follow carnism, and some just don’t bother with dietary labels. Most diets verge on the extreme, which often becomes the cause for their notorious reputation. But, if you are someone who likes to eat all types of food in moderation, then there is a special diet just for you.

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Introducing the Flexitarian Diet

Rather than sticking to all plant-based foods or sticking to only animal meat, how about you have both in moderation? This is exactly what a flexitarian diet is all about. In this diet, a person generally eats plant-based foods but also consumes meat and some animal products in moderation.

So, in simple words, this diet is the meeting point between vegans and non-vegans. The special thing about it is in the benefits it brings to the table. Created by dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner, this diet can help you not only get the benefits from plant-based foods but from meats as well – and you still get to play your part in protecting the animals.

Basics of the Flexitarian Diet

According to Blanter, there are a few basic principles that one has to follow to call their diet flexitarian:

1. If you are following a flexitarian diet, your main focus should be on eating whole fruits and vegetables as they are important sources of fiber and nutrition;

2. When it comes to protein, you should first reach out for plant-based protein like tofu or cheese;

3. Try shifting from processed foods to whole foods which is essential for every diet;

4. You have to control your urge to eat sweet food and limit your sugar intake;

5. You should be flexible and incorporate animal meat every now and then.

Pexels | Eat what you want, so long as you do so in moderation

There you have it, a quick and brief guide on getting started on a flexitarian diet. What are you waiting for? This is the one diet you shouldn’t be missing out on.

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