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Are Low-Income Family Kids More Vulnerable to Food Allergies? Hear From Experts

Food allergy is a growing concern of the day. Primarily, it is rapidly growing among kids. Medical studies show that food allergy is likely to affect all kids – regardless of their family background. However, a recent development reveals that the family a kid grows up in may be one of the prime reasons for food allergies.

Alex / Pexels / Children with low-income families and with food allergies are very likely to spend 3 times more on hospitalization costs.

“Kids who suffer diagnosable food allergies are underrated and underestimated,” says a Standford Univerity hospitalist, Aluk Patel. He argues that if the numbers are narrowed to cities and towns with keen analysis, the percentage can go beyond ten and even fifteen. Aluk further asserts that since these kids are not often properly treated (given the financial issues of low-income families), food allergies go unnoticed. And when these kids are hospitalized, it is too late already. Consequently, it becomes deadlier.

Thus, food allergies among low-income family kids are a more serious concern than we think it is. That is why it is the responsibility of every parent to properly look after their kids and take all the preventive measures to avoid food allergies.

Where Does the Risk of Food Allergies Start in Kids?

Andrea / Pexels / Understanding if your kids have a diagnosable food allergy is essential to treat it in the first place.

As parents, you need to be cautious about the foods that your kids eat. From sweet breakfasts to fast and junk foods, all these add up to food allergies. It is pertinent to mention here that food allergies can occur in any part of life. However, children are comparatively more vulnerable to it.

That is why parents are advised to introduce anti-allergens to their kids from as early age as 6 months. Peanuts, blueberries, and walnuts are some of the most efficient anti-allergens. Nevertheless, it is easier said than done. If you do not have enough money to bring a variety of foods to the table, the problem gets birth. Being realistic, anti-allergen foods refer to a wide variety of foods. And it is not easy for a family that is struggling with financial crises.

What is the Way Out Then?

Marta / Pexels / Being conscious of what you and your family eat is crucial to avoiding food allergies.

As mentioned earlier, food allergy is a challenging health crisis for low-income family kids. It is no joke. Parents really need to be proactive and sensitive when it comes to consuming food.

Here are some easy steps that every parent can take – regardless of the family background – to combat food allergies. These steps are especially for low-income family kids:

  • Introduce your kids to healthcare from as early age as possible.
  • Do not lag behind in taking insurance.
  • Make your access to healthcare services excessive.
  • Connect with primary care physicians.
  • Start from the ground level and take it to the national and state levels.

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