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A Mediterranean Diet Versus A Low Fat-Diet

A Mediterranean diet helps people with heart diseases and prevents a heart attack and/or a stroke more effectively than low-fat diets. Researchers from the University of Cordoba and a famous hospital in Spain observed 1,002 Spanish patients with artery disease for seven years. Half of the participants were assigned a low-fat diet while the other half were assigned a Mediterranean diet, which is rich in whole grains, olive oil, nuts, and fish.


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The results showed that the Mediterranean diet consumers had a 26% less chance of experiencing cardiovascular issues such as heart attacks and strokes compared to the other half that consumed a low-fat diet. The data also revealed that the Mediterranean diet was more effective for men.

Benefits Of A Low-Fat Diet

The study also revealed that people who have adopted a low-fat diet report fewer deaths and adverse effects compared to what the researchers expected. On the other hand, a western-style diet resulted in twice the number of deaths!


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Benefits Of A Mediterranean Diet

Once they were inducted into the program, both of the groups involved in the research were consuming more fiber and less processed foods than they used to before becoming a part of the study, which could be a cause of a lower death rate. Consuming enough fiber is also linked to good digestion and a lower risk of chronic illnesses. Mediterranean fat is rich in unsaturated fats, which help increase good cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Researchers also found that Mediterranean diets are related to better heart health. 


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There is a chance that by the end of the study, the participants will give up on the Mediterranean diet altogether. Towards the end, 46 participants quit the diet but twice the number of people abandoned the low-fat diet even before the study ended! While the Mediterranean dieters wanted to stick to their diet recommendations, the low-fat dieters didn’t. Researchers also noted that the more people follow the diet, the higher the benefits they’re likely to experience!

The findings from this research are supported by previous endorsements and evidence, which claim that the Mediterranean diet is the most healthy and sustainable way to mold your eating habits.

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