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Moving Away From Excessive Meat? Few Expert Tips For Help!

Do you know the secret behind a healthy body and mind? It’s the food you eat every day! To ensure that you constantly feel fit and positive, you need to ensure that you eat right.

Eating right these days has become somewhat synonymous with a plant-based diet. Several people are cutting down meat from their diet, with many turning completely vegetarian or vegan. And although some are doing it to regulate their body weight, others are advised to keep a check on underlying health issues.


Unsplash | Several people are cutting down meat from their diet, but changing taste buds doesn’t happen overnight

Well, whatever your goal might be, if you’ve been a meat eater all your life, changing your taste buds won’t happen overnight. You have to go slow by limiting meat consumption over time. Research shows that reducing meat consumption can provide metabolic benefits and lower the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Further, it can promote the ability of micro-biomes and lower the rates of greenhouse gas emissions.

So if you really want to cut down on your meat intake, you can start with these baby steps.

Alternative protein sources

Marisa Moore, a registered dietitian, says that turning vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to a bowl of rice and vegetables. You can instead turn to a protein-rich and satisfying meal that’s light and filling in nature. For instance, you can have stuff like lentils, butter squash tacos, and whole-wheat noodles.

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Unsplash | Turn to a protein-rich and satisfying meal that’s light and filling, like lentils

Slow and steady wins the race

Try to make realistic and achievable goals that are slow but effective for the long term. Don’t promise yourself that you’ll quit the next day, and don’t feel pressured when people tell you to be strict with yourself. Remember that nothing changes overnight, but being patient and consistent counts. Dietitian Bansari Acharya suggests starting with one meatless day in a week to avoid stressing the body and gradually increasing it.

Make optimum use of your resources

You’ll be surprised to know that numerous plant-based snacks are good enough to substitute lunch and even dinner. What’s more, they’re quick and easy. Having snacks provides you with that crisp you might be missing after abandoning meat. Snacks like fresh olives, nuts, pita bread, hummus, and whole grains are the best way to save time and have some yummy stuff.

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What about tofu and tempeh?

Tofu and tempeh are the best substitutes for meat. Even though they’re bland in taste, the right recipe can make them mouthwatering. Kelly Jones, a sports dietitian, suggests using firm tofu because it has the meatiest texture. She recommends baking tofu or marinating it with a spicy seasoning.


Unsplash | Tofu and tempeh are the best substitutes for meat

Wrapping it up

Implementing a new diet can be difficult, but it’s not impossible, so be patient and grab as much protein as possible. And here’s another tip – get a like-minded friend to join and support you in your journey. With their help you’ll be further motivated to achieve your goal.

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