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Top 5 Blockbuster TV Shows To Watch In The Last Month Of The Year

We are headed toward the end of the year, and as we come closer to the end, there are lots of things to consider. While some may reflect on the year and assess their achievements and failures, we could end on a more leisurely not. Why not? How about making the most out of the last month of this year with some blockbuster TV shows? You bet it is a sensible idea. Not only can you enjoy your leisure time with popular TV shows but you will also learn some life lessons along the way.

Mollie / Unsplash / From “The Riches” to “A Spy Among Friends,” here are the top 5 blockbuster TV shows to watch in December 2022.

If you are up for blockbuster TV shows, we have narrowed down the list for you. With millions of TV shows available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, it is pretty difficult to watch which one to watch. At the end of the day, every TV show works best if it tastes good – according to your interests.

Here are the top 5 blockbuster TV shows that befit all tastes and interests. Not only can you relate to these shows, but you will learn life-long lessons from them. This December, consider watching these shows for good:

“The Riches”

First up: “The Riches” is one of the top blockbuster TV shows to watch in December 2022. Essentially, every modern man can relate to this show. The essence of the show is the power shift from wealthy whites to an underprivileged black clan.

Show Bizz / Centering around the theme of power shift, “The Riches,” is one of the blockbuster TV shows all of us can relate to.

Today, there is a grave controversy about a power shift. Rich families accumulate wealth through unfair means. This is one thing that the show “The Riches.”

Secondly, the show explains what it means to be ‘underprivileged” because of the color of one’s skin. Likewise, the show also explains how materialistic rich folks are and how skirmishes kick in in typical rich households. Overall, the show is a wonderful melodrama that must on everyone’s watch list by the end of this year.

“A Spy Among Friends”

Next up: “A Spy Among Friends” is next on our list of must-watch blockbuster TV shows. Starring Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce, this real-life show explains how real friends can turn out to be spies.

Elle / Starring Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce, “A Spy Among Friends” is an incredible real-life show to watch this year.

However, it is essential to take note here that “A Spy Among Friends” has a touch of comedy in it. Something that is hilarious and carries deep meaning. Put it on your watch list and enjoy your December 2022 with this real-life spy drama. Nonetheless, this TV show is streaming on Netflix and Hulu across the world and is on trend on social media platforms. So, pick your pop corns and sit back to enjoy the 2022 blockbuster TV show.

Other Must-Watch TV Shows of 2022

Apart from “The Riches” and “A Spy Among Friends,” here are some other must-watch TV shows of December 2022:

– “I Hate Suzie Too”

– “George & Tammy”

– “Three Pines”

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