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Experts Say This is The Best Time to Include Prenatal Vitamins in Your Diet

Pregnancy is known to be a life-changing experience for every woman out there. Right moms? During this time, a woman is supposed to take utmost care of herself so that the baby gets all the required nutrients and comes to the world all nice and healthy. For this, not just a balanced diet and appropriate exercise, expecting mothers are prescribed supplements as well.


Monika Balciuniene/Pexels | Not just balanced diet and appropriate exercise, expecting mothers are prescribed supplements as well to ensure complete nourishment during pregnancy

Now when it comes to supplementation, there are a bunch of thumb rules that need to be taken care of. While the entire list of these rules is a whole topic on its own, for now what we can surely confirm is that prenatal vitamins can do wonders during pregnancy! Recommended by most health experts, a good dosage of prenatal vitamins will keep you and your young one healthy, making sure the entire pregnancy period goes smoothly. 

But we know you’re boggled by questions like “do prenatal vitamins actually work?” and “why do doctors recommend taking them before pregnancy?” If such queries are really sucking the life out of you, don’t stress. We’re here to help!

Why should you start with prenatal vitamins ASAP?

Okay ladies, here’s the deal: being pregnant is not a piece of cake; it can be a lot to take in. That cute little fetus doesn’t seem really cute once it starts draining your body’s natural resources. Which is exactly why, you spend most of those 9 months feeling exhausted, weepy, nauseous, crampy, and everything awful. But of course, all of that feels worth it once you hold your baby in your arms for the first time!

Back to the discussion; the fetus acquires all its nutrients directly from the mother’s womb, so eventually, as the primary source, it’s quite easy for the mother to develop a deficiency in important minerals and vitamins during pregnancy. Hence, starting with your vitamin intake at an early stage can ensure deep nourishment of your body and help you have a smooth childbearing experience. 


MART PRODUCTION/Pexels | As the primary source of nourishment for the baby, it’s very easy for the mother to become deficient in important vitamins and minerals during pregnancy

Things to keep in mind while taking prenatal vitamins

Are you feeling a little discomfort while being on prenatal supplementation? Are they upsetting your stomach? Here are some tips that’ll help you minimize some of these unpleasant experiences. 

  • Consult your doctor

Sometimes, a particular brand of vitamin may not suit you right. In such a case, ask your doctor about switching to another brand; a formulation that sits right with your body. 

  • Try it in a different form

Prenatal vitamins are easily available in different varieties like capsules, gummies, chewable tablets and even protein shakes. Consuming them differently can aid the digestion process and help you get relief from discomfort. 

  • Keep yourself hydrated

If you experience stiffness around your abdomen and have trouble passing bowels, make sure your GI system is all clear. To ensure that your system is free of any toxins, increase your water intake and have a fibrous diet.


Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels |

Final takeaway

If you’re serious about conceiving in the next few months, starting with prenatal vitamin supplementation right away should be the topmost priority for you. And if you’re already pregnant, start taking the vitamins ASAP! These supplements will help your baby grow well and also allow you to stay strong and energized.

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