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Tired of Postponing Your Doctor Appointments? Well Now You Don’t Have To

What was the original schedule of your doctor appointment, and for how long have you been postponing it? Out of the many inconveniences caused by the pandemic, not being able to physically consult with your doctor has been a primary one.


Zhen Hu/Unsplash | Due to the global pandemic, several people couldn’t visit their doctors for their non-virus related issues, but now they can

When the pandemic was at its peak, canceling medical visits made sense. But, now that the spread of infection has reduced to some extent, certain checkups shouldn’t be delayed anymore. And although every doctor in the world is expected to follow strict sanitization guidelines these days, if you aren’t sure about the safety measurements taken by your doctor’s office, you can at least call them up, have a word on it, and then visit if you feel assured.

These are some of the appointments you shouldn’t put off anymore.

Breast cancer screening

When doctor visits are canceled or delayed, it often results in more suffering. Advanced-stage breast cancer has more potential to take away lives than the virus. It’s better to stop procrastinating since letting the disease reach its advanced stages makes the treatment less successful. Studies have shown that more than 10,000 deaths from breast and colorectal cancer have happened due to poor screening rates during the pandemic.

Dental checkups

The importance of oral health is often neglected. When you keep visiting your dentist regularly, they determine how often you must visit based on your specific requirements and overall dental health. But due to the pandemic, if you haven’t been to your dentist for over a year, it’s high time you did. Early detection of cavities or any other dental issues helps in avoiding major surgeries.


Yingpis Kalayom/Unsplash | Among the appointments you shouldn’t miss now are cancer check-ups, dental check-ups, and more

Follow-ups for chronic diseases

People who are on medications for a long-running health condition should avoid missing their appointments further. It’s quite unsafe to keep postponing doctor visits, especially for serious issues like chronic lung and kidney diseases or diabetes.

These conditions need to be managed closely, which is why frequent checkups are necessary. Routine gaps can be filled with virtual appointments, making it easier for you to manage things from home.

Primary-care physician visit

It’s good to be consistent with your overall physical health checkups. All the preventive measures can be discussed with your doctor to avoid the risk of serious chronic diseases. Keeping a regular check on your heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood cells is a healthy habit.

Mental health management

Mental health is just as important as physical health. The pandemic has compelled people to stay home for days on end, which has been quite distressing. There are a lot of virtual platforms for mental health treatments that also help you control your anxiety and depression.


Sammy Williams/Unsplash | Several people have been struggling with mental health issues post pandemic. Now they too can get consultations and treatments on time

To wrap it up

As we continue to fight against the pandemic, other health risks shouldn’t be ignored since they haven’t gone away. If you find it impossible to physically interact with your doctor, find an easier way to do the same. Let’s not let fear and ruin our health.

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