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Children Won’t be Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine as Soon as Adults Will- Here’s Why

Coronavirus has been nothing less than the grim reaper in the year 2020. It has terrorized the world like never before. The world which had till now emerged as a global village shrunk back into its cocoon; scared and daunted!

However, the year is ending on an optimistic note! The vaccine for coronavirus immunization is out and about. Two vaccines have been designed and approved that showed a promising result in 90% of participants. They will be available for mass vaccine programs within a few weeks.

Pexels | The vaccine might finally end the nightmare of coronavirus

Coronavirus and children

Coronavirus may be deadly and unselective when it comes to race and ethnicity, and it has been kind to children. The death toll is very high for adults but very low for young children. Children may report inflammatory conditions medically known as a multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children on rare occasions. MIS-C can lead to organ failure and can eventually cause death.

However, only a few such cases have been reported and studied. That does not mean there is no need for a Covid-19 vaccine for children. Kids may present strong immunity barriers to coronavirus and not exhibit critical symptoms. However, they can act as silent carriers. They themselves might exhibit no or mild symptoms but can potentially lead the older people to their death bed through their contact.

Deposit Photos | Elderly are more prone to catching the virus

Developing a vaccine for kids

Kids are usually the last group to be tested on for medical trials. Once a medication or vaccination is approved for trials on humans, it is first tested in adults. Following this work ethic, the vaccine for coronavirus also got sampled on thousands of adults.  Dr. Beth Thielen, an assistant pediatrician from the University of Minnesota Medical School, revealed that even then, the vaccine is then passed on for trials to older kids above the age threshold of 12 years old. The process for checking the vaccine for its efficacy on children can take quite a long time.

Not only does it need to make deductions about the effectiveness of vaccines and younger children and the probable side-effects. There will also be a need to determine the correct dosage for children and how frequently should the vaccine be administered.

Pexels | Children don’t require urgent care and attention

Though the vaccine trials do not need to be conducted on a wide scale for children, developing a vaccine for children could still take a long time. It can be safely expected to make an appearance at the end of 2021.

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