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Fashion Saga 2023: 6 Essential French Beauty Products Used In The Latest Netflix Season, “Emily In Paris”

The new Netflix season “Emily in Paris” has already hit the studios. Currently, the latest season is streaming on Netflix. And numberless fans have already signed up for it. The juicy drama has already attracted millions of fans to the beautifully presented season. However, the most important factor of “Emily in Paris” is the fashion saga that is used in it. All the stars of the latest season are offering a new era of fashion style to their audience. For instance, in the very first episode of the season, we get to see Lilly Collins, who plays the role of Emily Cooper. The actress has opted for a whole new fashion trend. Something that can be an inspiration for fashion enthusiasts in 2023.

Joy Time / The leading star of “Emily in Paris” Lilly Collins, who plays Emily Cooper, offers a new arena of novel fashion style to the audience.

Short blonde hair and dramatic beauty changes make the appearance of Emily Cooper more spectacular than ever before. Similarly, the overall scenes of the new Netflix season are filled with ecstatic beauty. Thus, the fashion section of “Emily in Paris” more French and more dramatic.

The Touching Hands of “Emily in Paris:” Aurélie Payen

This makes the Netflix season’s fans wonder about the artistic hands behind these glamorous looks of the stars. So,we dived a little deeper into the new Netflix season to overcome this curiosity. Thus, it turns out that Aurélie Payen is the celebrity makeup artist who has prepared these stars for the big screen.

Elle / Aurélie Payen is the celebrity makeup artist who has prepared the stars of the new Netflix season, “Emily in Paris.”

“French glamor” was the leading concern when we were preparing the stars of the season, Aurélie Payen suggests. According to the “Emily in Paris” makeup artist, the management of the Netflix season was looking for makeup that was more futuristic with a touch of French beauty. Since the whole idea of the season is based on French inspiration, giving the makeup a French touch was inevitable, she suggests.

French Beauty Products Aurélie Payen Has Used For Emily Collin

Thus, the beauty products that are used in “Emily in Paris” are entirely different than conventional shows, Aurélie Payen asserts. And the “French glamour” of Emily, the leading star of the season enabled Aurélie Payen to do that.

Movie Saga / Emily Cooper, the leading star of the new Netflix season, is prepared with “French glamour,” assets Aurélie Payen.

With that said, Aurélie Payen also reveals the beauty products that are used in the new Netflix season, “Emily in Paris.” So, here is a brief list of them:

  • Talika Eye Therapy Patches: French beauty products that can be used to refresh tired eyes. And
  • Aurélie Payen loves them as they are great for French glamour.
  • Lancome Ganifique Serum: To make the skin of Emily Collin more glamorous.
  • French Slim Liquid Eyeliner: Aurélie Payen has used this eyeliner to beautify the eyes of Emily Cooper.
  • Hyaluronic French Hydra-Power: To make the skin look more natural.
  • Payot Toning Mist: To keep skin afresh for the whole day.

Thus, Aurélie Payen suggests that every fashion enthusiast can use these French beauty products to hit the new year in style. “Un petit plaisir – “a gentle treat” – to kick off the new year 2023,” as the makeup artist suggests.

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